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It’s show time for the best bands, the most aromatic sausages and the greatest stories! On February 6, we are going to celebrate our 4 anniversary with the first crowdfunding festival in Switzerland (funded by the crowd, of course!).

For this event, we are turning the Zurich Kaufleuten Club into a fun fair with over 50 successful wemakeit projects for one day. From music, readings, performances and workshops to books, design, short films and food – it’s going to be gaudy, colorful, and spectacular! Are you in?

  • On Saturday, February 6, 2016, from 3 p.m. to 2 a.m.
  • At the Kaufleuten Club in Zurich
  • Tickets are CHF 10 and can be bought here. Are your friends coming, too? How about an exclusive VIP box in the club hall including champagne to welcome you and your company?
  • Facebook Event


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15 to 18 pm Restaurant – Kids programme
15 to 19 pm wemakeit Foyer
15 to 19 pm «Market» – Bookshop-café, Design and Catering market
15 to 21 pm «Kurzfilmkino» – shortfilm cinema
15 to 21 pm Lounge – Performances and Lectures
15 to 21 pm Lounge – Exhibition and Vinyl-Shop
19 to 22 pm «Konzertbühne»l – concerts
19 to 22 pm Dada-Foyer
22 pm to 2 am Lima Bar – Afterparty



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