Are there any project guidelines I need to comply with?

  • My project fits into one or more of wemakeit’s categories.
  • My project does not offer any financial returns, only non-monetary rewards.
  • My project is not an ego-project (e.g. to finance a holiday, pay health costs or a student loan, etc.).
  • My project does not fall under the category of development aid and disaster relief.
  • My project is not part of any other crowdfunding platform.
  • I am over 18 years of age.
  • I accept the terms and conditions and the guidelines.

What will the process of my project look like?

The whole schedule of your project at wemakeit, from preparation to conclusion, is explained here.

How long will it take for my project to go online?

How fast your project will be online very much depends on how well prepared you are for your campaign! If your project video, images, texts and rewards are all ready, it takes about five business days.

How do I lead a successful campaign?

Find our list of collected how-tos for a successful campaign here and here a selection of best cases.

How does it work with the money?

Once your backers have pledged money and if your project reaches its funding goal, the funds will then be transferred to your account. However if your project does not reach its funding goal, the backers will be refunded the money they paid. The pledged amount less 10% (6% service charge, 4% transaction fees) will be transferred to your bank or Postfinance account within 14 days.