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The project

Hi everyone!

I have been very busy on a new project of mine that I hope may interest you. Over the past few months, I have been developing a luxury fashion brand all by myself. With the help of a partnering manufacturer in London, the brand is set to present at London Fashion Week Men’s in June!

Having created the label at the age of 16, I will be the youngest designer to have ever presented at any Fashion Week. However, money needs to be raised in order to finance the fabrication of the collection and organisation of the show in June. This is where you come in!

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The Brand

It has become clear that the voice of Generation-Z has become increasingly heard in the world as seen recently with the March for our Lives. They like to take matters in their own hands. In fashion, big companies like Gucci and Louis Vuitton are adapting their collections to target the new adults. GEN-Z is born in a post 9/11 global world and are heavily influenced by social media. They are often born with multiple nationalities and are very much accepting when it comes to topics about race or sexuality. This new brand reflects these characteristics and influences and serves as an example of what this new generation is capable of doing.

In order to portray the new generation of which I am part of, the brand; registered as Julian Sinclair ltd. in London merges the aesthetic of different cultures to create a new one. For the first collection for instance, Swiss, British and German cultures are mixed. In addition, the brand will strongly focus on the idea of activism and rebellion, a characteristic of the generation through ironic branding and slogans. Julian Sinclair ltd. also acknowledges streetwear but shapes it into a more luxurious formal wear.

With the partnership of the manufacturer Wearwell London, Morgaja Sàrl and the support of the well known PR company Relative MO, the brand not only portrays a new GEN-Z aesthetic, but also fabricates the garments professionally and is already gaining respect in the fashion community.

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This is where you get involved

An ambitious project like this one requires a large amount of money and sponsors. Your funding will go directly towards fabricating the collection, promoting the brand and preparing the show at Fashion Week. Being able to present at Fashion Week is not only a dream of mine, but it also changes the fashion industry as the new generation takes over.

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