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How I started this project

Hello everyone!

I am Aaron Matthew. I collect used clothes for recycling. This project started 2 years ago when I came up to an idea to recycle the used clothes. I started collecting used clothes on a bicycle by going door to door to the people to ask for the clothes they want to throw. With the consistent effort my recycling company eventually started growing and we started working with other recycling companies.

As this project is growing I really need your help to keep collecting the used clothes for recycling.

At the moment i am willing to buy a small bus for the collection. With this bus I will be able to collect much more clothes at a time.


This project is very special to me

Not only we want a clean environment but we really need it. To make sure that I am doing my part I started this small recycling company named AMG TEXTILE.

The main goal of this project is to collect as many used clothes as possible for recycling.

These clothes go through different steps when we collect them.

1) Door to door collection of clothes. 2) Bringing them to a sorting center. 3) Sorting of clothes. 4) Packing in small and big bags for export.

Most of the thrown clothes goes to the poor countries of Africa and Asia. What you call a waste product is a good to use product for someone else. Join us in recycling.


Why I need the donation

I need the donation in order to buy a small bus for collecting the used clothes. Working with this bus can make the collection work faster and I will also be able to collect more clothes at a time. I really need your help to be able to what I am doing.