The project

I would like us to come together in putting up a film week, dedicated to Adulting. These films will be open to free viewing by the public, both online and onsite at the OnCurating Project Space in Zurich.

When speaking of the human species, the title adult not only refers to physical growth, but is highly attributed to the behavioural expectations laid out for the physically grown human being. These expectations emanate from both the individual and its society. The weight of these expectations play a significant role in the responses the adult has to life. These are not always directly communicated but through the performance of the ready adulting adults in a society, the one moving towards the position of adult uses these performances as mode of example to emulate, once they themselves assume the adult position. This week of films is a kind of tribute to this dance.

On, Adulting is defined as «an informal term to describe behaviour that is seen as responsible and grown-up. This behaviour often involves meeting the mundane demands of independent and professional living, such as paying bills and running errands.» With this in mind, the exhibition and its selection of films do not rest on this simplistic definition of what it is to be an adult, but recognises the various factors which affect the human performance in relation to adulthood. Factors such as culture, politics and religion. Over all, the exhibition aims to be a kind of frivolous pedestal upon which to place Adulting.

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«The bag made a little paper-rattling sound, and when I looked down at it, I discovered that I was unable for a second to remember what was inside, my recollection snagged on the stapled receipt. But of course that was one of the principal reasons you needed little bags, I thought: they kept your purchases private, while signalling to the world that you led a busy, rich life, full of pressing errands to run.» The Mezzanine by Nicholson Baker

The Mezzanine (one of my favourite books) humorously speaks to/of the performance which we do for ourselves and those around us, as adults. It perfectly captures a snapshot of our ultimately «useless» thought process throughout our day. The book manages this as a beautiful celebration, which the exhibition is inspired by.

My own adulthood and its performance have been the primary source of observation and inspiration towards this theme. Having had various things pressed up against them in the past few years, such as living in foreign countries, languages and cultures; being in a mixed-race marriage and inter-cultural marriage; and of course, marriage itself, the theme has been loudly screaming to be paid some attention to. As a topic, it is one relatable to the greater human population on the planet, in whatever form it may land. As such, I would like to invite others in this observation, contemplation and tribute through this free film exhibition.

This is what I need backing for.

The donated funds will be directed at licensing the films to be shown for the exhibition week. Artists who have answered a call to submit works for the exhibition will also be remunerated from these funds. And lastly, I need technical assistance in setting up the equipment for the screenings and will use these same funds to pay for the labour.

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