This is what it's all about.

Every November onwards my journey starts around Pakistan the coastal areas and where ever I can find some one who requires clothing or food The project is run by Mujtaba Karim and some of my great friends who are now dedicating ourselves for the project to bring smile upon those who are the most deserving.

With COVID 19 hitting hard the dire need has come even more for supporting those who are badly effected because of being either, jobless or having no means to buy cloths .Fishermen can only catch but not get the required income to get there

The drive is not for one location but covering interior Sindh & Baluchistan area… will like you all to contribute generously for groceries and warm jackets

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My project is special because ...

No one has thought to do this especially in the sea and villages surrounding the seaview where we can find fishermen who are the most needy for clothing and food especially during COVID 19 and winter approaching near off there is dire need for clothing and food in the Arabian sea.This is special because no one thinks of these people and when they are given the basic necessary which is grocery and clothing they smile..You can actually feel their smile reflecting over you This means alot because its being done for humanity and a greater cause to bring a balance to those who need our help the most.The inner pride for helping the needy makes it special for us all.The villagers spend countless nights and fight the storms just to earn enough to have food for their famalies.

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This is what I need backing for.

The amount which will be collected will be used to help buy cloths and food items for the people residing in baluchistan and sindh especially covering the coastal area.These villagers often travel 100 NM to fetch earning by fishing I need this to be a successful project to support the people who deserve food and clothing during their journey.