The Story

Chris Normuser is a dreamer. If it was up to him, he would only live in his fantasy world. Unfortunately, he notices that this lifestyle is barely possible. Therefore he gets semi-dormant through his daily life. School, friends, family: not that important. The only thing in which Chris puts effort into is the small theatre group, in which he draws the curtain and is prompter. But there came a day, when a girl appeared in the theatre group, which entirely inverts Chris’ daily life.

An odyssey full of emotions, strange moments, and ecstatic pictures begins.

The Project

The 25 minute long short film comedy «Dreamer» is solely made by teenagers. Except for a few adult actors, the age of the crew members is between 17 and 19. The crew of «CCFilms» is already experienced in terms of making short films and videos and was also presented in youth film contests (e.g. «Ostschweizer Kurzfilmwettbewerb», «upcoming filmmakers» Lucerne, etc.).

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Your support

Since filmmaking is an expensive matter, we are dependent on your financial help. Of course, you will get something in return for your help. On the right you can see our rewards.

Fortunately, the crew members and actors agreed on working without payment. Nevertheless, there are other costs:

The equipment rentals (camera, light, grip and sound), transport costs, catering, and the rental of properties and costumes are only a few examples of why we need the money.


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  • Lucas Ackermann (Script/Direction/Cut)
  • Lorenz Heyder (Production/Camera)
  • Ying-Kai Dang (Camera/VFX)
  • Ruben Banzer (Production/Recording Administration)
  • Michael Vetsch (Camera Assistant)
  • Ying-Ling Dang (Music/Sound Cut)
  • Pascal Weder (Music)
  • Yannik Roth (Boom Operator)
  • Seraina Kull (Make-Up)
  • Christoph Dürr (Still Photographer)
  • Patrick Wildhaber (VFX)
  • Robin Tscharner (VFX)

Recent Projects

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