With my first project, I’d like to introduce myself to the listener. Now, after my years of music studies, i feel like the time is absolutely right to transmit my musical ideas and expectations to a record for the first time. With Manuel Egger and Mario Haenni on my side, I’ll produce my first EP in June 2015 - with passion, commitment and dedication. As for the realization of this exciting production, I’ll need your help. Please feel free to support my project and be part of the realization of this piece of art and accept some of the goodies I’ve set up in return.

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About my music

My own compositions create unique moods which let the listener dive into a new world where floating sounds meet expressive Rhythms creating an exciting contrast and evolving to new creations. Voice and compositions convince with their distinctiveness, combining mysticism and authenticity which leads the audience to foreign places and at the same time makes them comfortable with the familiar. My lyrics are about what hovers over us, wanders through our heads, describes the thing which we cannot grasp but are with us on a dayly basis. Love, curiosity and the fear of the unknown.


Your support will go to

  • Renting the studio
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Production (pressing) of the EP

About Me

Already at an early age, I’ve dedicated my time to music. This was followed by professional singing lessons, learning to play the guitar and recording in a support program for young artists. From 2008 to 2014 I’ve attended the Winterthur Jazz – Rock / Pop Academy «WIAM» where I acquiered the necessary knowledge and skills such as study of harmonies, arranging and the must have piano diversity. I have also done numerous radio adds, jingles and sung a scene for a movie called «Hugo Koblet – Pédaleur de charme«. As for today, I’m involved in various musical projects and I am aiming towards my ambitions in the composition area.

Thank you!

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