Help us finish our film!

We need you to finalise our documentary about Geneva, corruption and oil trading companies.

For a year now, we have been shooting a documentary on the Geneva-based oil trading company Gunvor. The company was convicted in October 2019 by the Swiss justice for corruption. Between 2010 and 2012, Gunvor’s employees paid CHF 30 million to the presidential family of Congo Brazzaville for oil shipments.

Our documentary sheds light on this case and questions in particular the responsibility of Geneva and Switzerland in its permissive and ambiguous attitude towards these trading companies: while Geneva presents itself as the city of human rights and peace, it is also proudly home to more than 400 trading companies and too little is currently being implemented by the authorities to better regulate these companies.

The film follows the journey in Geneva of Moke, human rights defender of the Congo, who comes to testify at the UN of the human rights situation in his country and goes to investigate Gunvor and the hidden face of Geneva.


Why support us?

Our documentary is the first to tackle the Swiss oil trading companies and their negative impact abroad.

The Gunvor company has just been condemned in Switzerland and this case must serve as an example in order to obtain greater regulation of these trading companies. This is the time to denounce the business models of these little-known trading companies whose dubious practices in developing countries are now well documented. The documentary aims to put Geneva and Switzerland on the spot, and to ask the various local actors on what could be done to better regulate these companies and thus prevent them from continuing to profit from developing countries.

Sadly, Moke, the Congolese protagonist of the film, passed away this summer after visiting Switzerland. We wish to pay tribute to his relentless work again corruption by making sure that this documentary has the greatest impact possible. For this, we must still enrich the documentary of several interviews and ensure an editing of the best possible quality.


How will your support help us?

Our documentary is well advanced but we need additional funds following the recent events that occurred. Indeed, at first, the movie was meant to concentrate on Moke, the Congolese activist. But after he passed away, and Gunvor’s conviction, we decided to take a different route towards investigative journalism in order to better expose those trading companies.

This change of direction requires additional interviews with Swiss personalities and NGOs. Unfortunately, these take time and cost money to rent the equipment (camera, light, sound) and pay the shooting crew. We have applied for some additional funds, but this project is largely self-financed and any support would be a great boost in the finalization of this film.

We have poured our energy and passion into this documentary and we firmly believe in its necessity. If you could help us finish it, we would be forever grateful. We have thought of some rewards, including the possibility to come watch the film with us in a cinema!

Whether you can support the documentary or not, do not hesitate to be in touch should you want to discuss the film and please help circulate the campaign!

Warm thanks,

Tay and Roland