We send our longtime blacksmith Ludovic to Albania - with your support. There he will provide long-awaited help to the rescued donkeys and horses in the Animal Aid Center in Tirana.

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Successfully concluded on 14/6/2022

On-site help

Ludovic, our long-time farrier, will provide help to the 17 battered and partly disabled donkeys, mules and horses of Tierhilfe Tirana on site. We would like to finance the trip, the medical material and the further care of the animals on site, at least for a few months.

Maria, the native Swiss from Chur and friend of ours, has lived in Albania for many years and dedicates her whole life around the clock to the animals that are urgently in need of help there. She runs the center near Tirana with around 500 dogs, cats and as well chickens, rescued turkey cocks and ducks.

Transnational exchange

What good is knowledge if it cannot be passed on?

In Albania, donkeys, horses and mules are used as workhorses, often mistreated and exploited until they can no longer do so. And when they can no longer do so, they are often simply left behind. Maria repeatedly receives requests for help to save such animals. Often this exploitation does not happen out of malice, but out of despair, indifference and because there is no other way. Hoof care is also usually neglected or not taken into account at all - with fatal consequences for the animal.

Ludovic has been working as a blacksmith for 3 decades and knows many different diseases and also solutions for hoof problems. He could pass on a lot of his knowledge to the farriers active there and the veterinarian for large animals in Tirana. And who knows, maybe an exchange will arise that can take place again and again in the long term?

For this we need support

Ludovic would travel to Tirana for a week in June 2022. With the 6600.—Swiss francs we could pay for his trip and all the hardware.
In addition, the amount is chosen in such a way that for all donkeys, mules and horses in the center feed could still be purchased for 3 months and also something remains for medical care.

We would like to make this first stay possible and give the 7 horses, 3 mules and 9 donkeys living in the Center of Animal Aid Tirana the best possible treatment as well as the training of the people working there on the subject of hoof health. Because, as a saying goes: «without hoof no horse»…