Natural skincare for natural beauty

Every single one of us share two things in common: this beautiful planet and some form of skincare routine. I want to make both of those things a little greener with my natural skincare products.

This brand has been a long time coming. I was first introduced to the power of natural ingredients at 16 years old when acne and its stubborn scars were basically taking over my face! After my first experience with some basic ingredients that I found laying around the kitchen, I was satisfied with the results and intrigued to learn more.

From that modest experience, my curiosity then grew more with time and some years later my sporadic researches turned into full on obsession! I became fascinated with botany and the numerous ways plants have been used for centuries before us to treat all sorts of afflictions. I then inevitably started using natural ingredients not only for skincare but also as medicine.

For almost ten years I have relied on Mother Nature and my evergrowing knowledge of her ingredients to create active botanical blends for luxurious skincare products for myself and loved ones. With your support, I will now have the pleasure to create them for you and yours aswell.

I honestly believe that everything we need to be our best self is found - in the wild.

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My project is special because ...

When did skincare become synonymous with toxic ingredients? I make it my purpose in life to create luxurious and effective skincare that is organic, vegan, eco-friendly and hand-crafted in micro batches for unparalelled freshness and quality.

I am passionate about using only natural ingredients in my formulations because I know how powerful and beautifully complex botanicals can be and how much they can improve the appearance of our skin without the negative side effects that conventional products might cause (on us and the environment).

By supporting Made in the Wild you are also supporting the demand for more:

-Organically grown ingredients

-Eco-conscious packaging

-Fair trade practices

-Cruelty free skincare

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This is what I need backing for

To make this project grow into Switzerland’s own natural skincare brand I will need your help to complete what is missing from my total budget. Your kind contributions will help:

-Acquire the highest quality of organically grown or wild harvested ingredients without compromises

-Outsource packaging from companies who care about the environment

-Create my company logo, online shop and photography with local artists

-Rent a space in a shared atelier for the first 3 months

I appreciate your support and look forward to the journey ahead.