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Agriculture, Community, and Environment

Animal Rights March Plakate

On August 17, thousands of people worldwide will march to end animal oppression. So that we also have a large turnout in Zurich, we are raising CHF 15'000 for ads on 60 billboards in 6 Swiss cities.
by Animal Rights March Zürich, Zürich
79% funded
CHF 11’930 pledged
13 days to go
Community, Kids / Youth, and Sport

Basketballclub Bären

Der Basketballclub Bären setzt sich für das friedliche Zusammenleben im Kleinbasel ein. Er hat 230 aktive Mitglieder aus 40 Nationen! Der Aufstieg in die Nati B kostet ihn mehr Geld als er hat.
by Basketballclub Bären Kleinbasel, Basel
44% funded
CHF 11’135 pledged
32 days to go
Politics and Community

Support for asylum hearings

We provide free online legal aid to asylum seekers and accompany them to their asylum interviews. In order to further cover the travel costs of our volunteers, we need your help!
by AsyLex, Basel, Geneva, and Zürich
107% funded
CHF 3’228 pledged
17 days to go
Politics and Community

Crowdfunding Anwaltskosten

Dringende Unterstützung zur Finanzierung Anwalt/Rechtssprechung benötigt!
by Peterhans, Bern
108% funded
CHF 3’785 pledged
10 days to go

Give Solomon a Home

Am 1. Juli wird Solomon das Asylheim verlassen und bei meiner Frau und mir einziehen dürfen. Hilf mit, Solomons Lebensunterhalt für das nächste Jahr mitzutragen.
by timo.kuhn, Thun
108% funded
CHF 3’250 pledged
20 days to go
Music, Community, and Art

Une communauté musicale !

Ouvrir un studio d'enregistrement, donner des cours de formation, accueillir des groupes/artistes pour des jams session, vous pensez que c'est possible pour la culture à Fribourg ? Nous sommes sûrs !
by Recovery Syndrome, Fribourg
73% funded
CHF 11’085 pledged
11 days to go
Community, Kids / Youth, and Environment

Der Velobus

Wir wollen eine neue Schulsammlungslösung für Grundschulen einführen: das Velobus ! Ein Gemeinschaftsfahrzeug, das es Kindern ermöglicht, sich selbst um ihre Reisen zu kümmern.
by Les Amis du Vélobus, Fribourg
43% funded
CHF 21’805 pledged
2 days to go
Journalism, Community, and Kids / Youth


Le magazine pour une éducation globale & responsable. Esperluette défend les principes d’une éducation respectueuse des besoins de l’enfant au sein d’une société citoyenne, solidaire et durable.
by Esperluette & Zoulou Zazou, Lutry
84% funded
CHF 13’461 pledged
12 days to go
Food and Community

Cylure Binchroom Lausanne

Trois amis, un binchroom. Mais pas que. Des produits artisanaux et locaux, le bar dont nous rêvons pour bosser, vous accueillir et pèdzer.
by Cylure Binchroom, Lausanne
149% funded
CHF 14’940 pledged
16 days to go
Community and Art

Raising Hands

Create. Together. the Impossible. Raise your hands for the community! 1 sculpture = 1 000 0000 cent pieces = 2,3 tons = 52 panels! Together we can do it!
by Julia Bugram, Vienna
83% funded
EUR 20’917 pledged
7 days to go
Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

Scholarship for Halua

For my birthday I hope we can raise funds for an Aiducation scholarship to pay Halua's high school education. She's a bright and ambitious girl from Malindi, Kenya who dreams of being an entrepreneur.
by Sunnie Groeneveld, Malindi
142% funded
CHF 5’076 pledged
5 hours to go
Science, Community, and Kids / Youth

Humanitarian MissionCambodia

Medical Student, Project to leave 1 month in Phnom Penh, give basic care in Khmer Soviet hospital. Bring as well medicines, clothes and games for the children.
by Sophie S., Phnom Penh
101% funded
CHF 2’525 pledged
3 days to go