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Journalism, Community, and Kids / Youth


Le magazine pour une éducation globale & responsable. Esperluette défend les principes d’une éducation respectueuse des besoins de l’enfant au sein d’une société citoyenne, solidaire et durable.
by Esperluette & Zoulou Zazou, Lutry
44% funded
CHF 7’130 pledged
37 days to go
Music, Performing arts, and Dance

V. comme Vian

C'est un vibrant hommage à Boris Vian, une comédie musicale interprétée par 14 jeunes accompagnés par 6 pros, un fil rouge entre les années 50 et aujourd'hui qui fait la part belle à la jeunesse.
by Case-Départ, Nyon
85% funded
CHF 3’425 pledged
21 days to go
Design and Art

LOOM – das Weblokal in Basel

Im Kosmos LOOM dreht sich alles um das Handwerk der Weberei. LOOM wird eine offene Gewebewerkstatt mit mietbaren Webstühlen, ein Vermittlungsraum und ein textiles Kompetenzzentrum in Basel.
by LOOM, Basel
74% funded
CHF 16’493 pledged
8 days to go
Startup and Environment

PeperOhni-Unverpackt Laden

Unverpackte Lebensmittel und Haushaltsartikel möchten wir in einem Laden der Stadt Schaffhausen anbieten. Wir möchten einen Beitrag an eine abfallfreiere Welt leisten.
by PeperOhni-Unverpackt, Schaffhausen
50% funded
CHF 15’238 pledged
35 days to go

jusqu'à l'aurore

A composer's dream comes true. In summer 2019, the Swiss Mondrian Ensemble will record chamber music written by Austrian composer Thomas Wally.
by thomaswally, Vienna
71% funded
EUR 7’133 pledged
36 days to go
Community and Art

Free Rental System @ KC LAB

We are facilitating a donation of technical equipment to «Kulturni Centar LAB» in Novi Sad, Serbia. The crew will use the equipment to open a free rental system for young artists. – When? 1st of july!
by Interdependency, Novi Sad and Zürich
61% funded
CHF 2’700 pledged
8 days to go
Science, Technology, and Education

Congolese space rocket

Help us support Congolese engineer Jean-Patrice Keka to build the Troposphere 6 rocket, the first African rocket bound for space! This time, we're going to make it!
by Christian Denisart, Jean-Patrice Keka, and Daniel Wyss, Kinshasa and Lausanne
79% funded
CHF 15’993 pledged
33 hours to go
Film and Sport

Endless Running

This documentary will show - through Nicolas’ eyes - his sister Ariane’s adventure at the Bali Hope Ultra Marathon, an 84 km race crossing the island of Bali from north to south in a single night.
by Courir Sans Fin, Denpasar and Neuchâtel
60% funded
CHF 8’000 pledged
10 days to go
Film, Journalism, and Environment

Documentary: Somara + Corina

We are Somara and Corina, two journalists from Zurich. In August 2019 we want to produce our first documentary film in Indonesia. It is a story about plastic and machines, the ocean and hope.
by Corina Rainer und Somara Frick, Banda Neira and Zürich
41% funded
CHF 2’109 pledged
16 days to go