Collaborative publication, research and educational tools on the Sustainable Development Goals

Hi, we are Addictlab, a think tank for innovation that encourages bottom-up and self-managed practices, and works with creative thinkers from all disciplines and cultures. We exist since 1997 and aim to use collective intelligence, cross disciplinary learning and local community engagement to build an international ecosystem for sustainable change.

The United Nations created the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): 17 goals, including inequalities, climate change, and poverty to solve before 2030. And there is a long way to go to reach the targets. The pandemic even has enlarged the gaps between people, cities and countries. So, we decide to create and publish a catalog of collective intelligence that can be used to navigate through best practices and take action for sustainability in your group or place.

Our SDGzine is a customized publication on the SDGs, and the content is collected from local and global actors that tackle these thorny issues. We want to inspire people, deliver the concepts of SDG-related projects/activities, and help scale education to reach the SDGs.

Our first edition of SDGzine - printed in March 2021 - mainly focuses on SDG 4 (Quality Education) and addresses secondary goals – SDG 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy), 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), and 17 (Partnerships for the Goals). The first edition has been completed with multiple stakeholders and partners, such as Local Peoples from Australia, FabLabs from France and Switzerland, CERN, the International school of Geneva, the University of Geneva, and the SDG Lab at the United Nations.

Chapters include: SDGs & Design SDGs & Fashion SDGs & Art SDGs & Innovation SDGs & Business SDGS & International Geneva SDGS & Fablabs SDGs & Education Concrete challenges and tools

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Our project is special because ...

This project answers to the call for a decade of action by the United Nations. Rather than standing on the sideline, we have chosen to use our capabilities, experience, lab facilities and growing ecosystem to document and initiate relevant SDG related projects.

Help us to produce SDGzine#02

Why we need your support: we are looking for funding to produce SDGzine02 (on Responsible consumption and production) in September 2021 and later SDGzine03 (on Gender Equality) in March 2022. Funding will allow us to:

  • produce SDGzine02 , hopefully SDGzine03
  • increase chapters
  • build a team
  • expand distribution and communication
  • present the magazine concept (eg Milan Design Fair)
  • discover innovators who have been excluded and who deserve attention
  • grow towards an international platform to spread these great ideas all around the world
  • set up research projects to promote SDG-related challenges
  • create and produce educational tools and promote SDGzine to schools
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