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Back with reward

  • EUR 11.- LIVE EVENT SPECIAL #hot 39 / 50 takenä


    You receive 1 of 50 tickets to the A N I M A album crowdfunding finale! A hot party night with DJ Obsidian, a Surprise Appearance and wonderful host Anne Eck await YOU. You will meet A N I M A All Star Music Team in person and get an insight into A N I M A's Vision. Also: our supporters who contributed products, spaces and their expertise to this campaign will give you an insiders view on their high standard company philosophy.
    WHEN: June 29th 2021, 8pm
    WHERE: Aux Gazelles Club, Rahlgasse 5, 1060 Vienna

  • EUR 11.- POSTCARD #lovely 15 takenä

    POSTCARD #lovely

    You receive a hand-signed, limited ANIMA postcard with 2 «chosen-just-for-you» lyrics from one of the songs.

  • EUR 13.- DIGITAL #trendy 6 takenä

    DIGITAL #trendy

    You receive a download link to the 13 ready produced songs: 13 hours before official release!

  • EUR 22.- SHOPPING BAG #fashionable 13 / 44 takenä

    SHOPPING BAG #fashionable

    You receive 1 of 44 exclusive ANIMA bags, made of organic cotton and fair-trade certified. The design is created by our amazing graphic artist, Ariana. Inside the baggie you'll also find a download link to the ANIMA album.

  • EUR 33.- CD #vintage 1 takenä

    CD #vintage

    The heartpiece of the production in your hands! You receive a hand signed CD with a personal message just for you. The CD will be delivered to you 13 hours prior to official release. In addition, a postcard and the download link to listen to ANIMA on the road, is also yours.

  • EUR 44.- VINYL #chic 6 / 111 takenä

    VINYL #chic

    You indulge the VINYL obsession? We do too! You receive the ANIMA album from the limited VINYL edition, including a download link and personal hand written dedication.

  • EUR 55.- ANIMA REVOLT OIL #rebellious 15 / 33 takenä

    ANIMA REVOLT OIL #rebellious

    You receive 1/2 a liter of the best natural olive oil in the world (really it is so!). Age old olive trees are saved by REVOLT Real Olive Oil to produce this unique liquid gold. The bottle is part of a limited edition: all bottles together form one piece of art, handpainted by the young fine arts duo HAENKATEO. One of these bottles is yours! Our team will personally deliver your bottle if you live in Vienna or the surrounding area. Meet & Greet ANIMA in person! In addition, the download link to the ANIMA album is yours.

  • EUR 66.- KULTBUCH #lifestyle 1 / 3 takenä

    KULTBUCH #lifestyle

    You receive one of 3 selected books written by power women, Elfie Semotan, Nicole Adler & Neni, published by Brandstätter Verlag. ANIMA will personally guide a tour through the prestigious Viennese publishing house by ANIMA and you will receive your copy with a personal dedication by the authors.

  • EUR 77.- BREATHWORK #energizing 0 / 7 takenä

    BREATHWORK #energizing

    You receive 1 of 7 slots for an exclusive breathwork session with Max MacManus, part of the producer duo OSZILLATOR. Depending on the weather, this workshop takes place outdoors or indoors. At the end of the session you will feel energized yet relaxed. Of course we will add the download link to the ANIMA album for your future breath practice sessions. (Duration: approx. 1h, event in Vienna)

  • EUR 88.- ANIMAS RECIPES #healthy 0 / 11 takenä

    ANIMAS RECIPES #healthy

    Since we enjoy a predominantly vegan diet ourselves, you receive a beautifully handcrafted paperbook containing ANIMA’ s favorite recipes for total empowerment. Happy powerfoods for your own personal well-being. The label on the cover is exclusively designed by the young fine arts duo HAENKATEO. On the very last page you will find the download link to the ANIMA album to inspire your cooking sessions.

  • EUR 111.- PRODUCER WORKSHOP #creative 1 / 5 takenä


    You receive 1 of 5 places for this special producer workshop. Our producer duo OSZILLATOR (Benedikt Meschik & Max MacManus) gives you exclusive insights into professional producing and numerous tips & tricks for your own productions. Together with Benedikt & Max, you will produce a «collab track» in this workshop. Of course,we will add the download link to the ANIMA album for each participant. (Duration approx. 3h, event in Vienna)

  • EUR 144.- VOCAL COACHING #embodied 3 / 3 takenä

    VOCAL COACHING #embodied

    You will get a professional Embodied Voice coaching session with vocal coach, artist & vocal producer Natalie Jean-Marain. In this 1:1 session you will get insight into her signature voice training method (Embodied Voice). This will provide you with a brandnew approach to your vocal instrument. Of course, we will add the download link to the ANIMA album. (Duration: 80 minutes, online: worldwide, in person in Vienna)

  • EUR 188.- DJ WORKSHOP #spinnin' 1 / 3 takenä

    DJ WORKSHOP #spinnin'

    You always wanted to know how to DJ like a pro? With the purchase of this goodie you will receive a startup workshop from Benedikt Meschik, part of the producer duo OSZILLATOR. This workshop takes place at «DJ Sound Austria» - DJ and Musicproducing School, our cooperation partner. Bring your own track selection and Benedikt will show you how to implement your favorite genre on the decks. Beginners & advanced. Of course, we will add the download link to the ANIMA album. Weave it into your set! (Duration approx. 3h, Event in Vienna)

  • EUR 222.- YOUR VOICE #produced 0 / 2 takenä

    YOUR VOICE #produced

    Du erhältst deine Stimme auf Tonträger, professionell aufgenommen und produced vom Team Bobal // Elf zu deinem Playback. Natürlich gibt es ein cooles Erinnerungsfoto von dir am Mic dazu. (Dauer: 4h, Event in Wien )

  • EUR 222.- HOMERECORDING SETUP #sassy 1 / 3 takenä


    Heidi Bobal, our sound engineer & part of the vocal producing team BOBAL - ELF, personally comes to your home to explore and optimize your home recording set up. To top it off, you’ will record a song under Heidi's guidance, so you can get the best out of your set up and feel well equipped for streaming & recording in the future! Of course, we will add the download link to the ANIMA album for inspiration. (Duration: 3h, event in Vienna + 40km radius)

  • EUR 333.- KULTURKUTSCHE #anima listic 1 / 1 takenä

    KULTURKUTSCHE #anima listic

    You receive a city tour through Vienna in the Vienna´s first «Kulturkutsche» (Art Horse Carriage). Take your favorite person with you and ANIMA herself will join in. Martina, a real Viennese «Fiakerlady» (horse carriage driver), sits high up on the coach box. At the famous «Lusthaus», an original «Wiener Jause» (coffey snack) awaits you. (Duration 2h, Event in Vienna)

  • EUR 444.- DJ PERFORMANCE #ravin' 1 / 1 takenä

    DJ PERFORMANCE #ravin'

    With the purchase of this goodie you book Benedikt Meschik, part of the producer duo OSZILLATOR, as DJ for your event! Benedikt brings his own DJ equipment, which will be adapted to the size of your party (from living room to festival). You only have to organize the speakers and the dancing crowd. You decide which music will be played. Of course,we will add the download link to the ANIMA album. (Duration: 4h, Event in Vienna)

  • EUR 666.- TIMEOUT WEEKEND #natural 1 / 1 takenä

    TIMEOUT WEEKEND #natural

    A romantic weekend (2 nights) in the middle of nature, surrounded by mooing cows & singing birds, awaits you! Bring your favorite person to have a full on nature experience. Enjoy ANIMA's special vegan cooking (breakfast, snack & dinner). Her Royal Highness herself will personally serve your food! Upon request, a guided hike through the forests and fields of Austria is included. Period: between August and October 2021 or summer 2022. Of course, we will add the download link to the ANIMA album for your dinner-à-deux listening pleasure.

  • EUR 777.- VOCAL PRODUCING #high-end 0 / 1 takenä

    VOCAL PRODUCING #high-end

    Experience the uniqueness of #female vocal producing. In the recording studio Room 66 in Vienna, the vocal producer team BOBAL - ELF create a inspiring safe space for your voice to soar. Along with in-studio vocal coaching, the team BOBAL -ELF produces your vocals for your track high-end. After an approx. 8 hour session, you will leave the studio with complete files for 1 song.

  • EUR 1.111.- ANIMA LIVE #unique 1 / 1 takenä

    ANIMA LIVE #unique

    Together with OSZILLATOR, ANIMA performs an exclusive LIVE SET to top of your event. The LIVE SET consists of 3 songs performed live and a 2 hour DJ set by Benedikt Meschik. (Live Set can be booked as of December 2021 in all of Austria. If you want to book ANIMA´s LIVE SET cross country, costs for fare & boarding for the ANIMA team (ANIMA, OSZILLATOR & their personal sound engineer) would need to be covered extra).

  • EUR 2.222.- ANIMA SPIRIT #sponsorship 0 takenä

    ANIMA SPIRIT #sponsorship

    You are fully in the ANIMA Spirit! Therefore you get the full ANIMA package. You will be named as an official ANIMA sponsor on both ANIMA and Music.Art Vienna homepage, on the back of the ANIMA CD album cover & all our social media channels. You receive an exclusive ANIMA LIVE SET, consisting of 5 songs performed live, followed by a 2 hours DJ set to rock your event. Furthermore you will receive 10 personally signed CDs and the and a download link to the ANIMA album. (Live Set can be booked as of December 2021 in all of Austria. If you want to book ANIMA´s LIVE SET cross country, costs for fare & boarding for the ANIMA team (ANIMA, OSZILLATOR & their personal sound engineer) would need to be covered extra).

  • EUR 3.333.- COMPANY WORKSHOP #leadership 0 takenä

    COMPANY WORKSHOP #leadership

    How can I get the most out of my presentation, my keynote speech, my communication with customers? Your company will receive an all day workshop focussing on presence, winning charisma and powerful speaking impact. The workshop is led by vocal coach Natalie Jean-Marain, an expert in voice, breathing and speaking techniques as well as stage presence. With her signature training method (Embodied Voice) she will get the most out your team's performance. The workshop includes a two-hour preliminary meeting with a contact person or the group to define the individual needs of the company and the participants. (Duration: 8h including 1,5h breaks, group up to max. 30 persons, event in Vienna + 60km)

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