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GINMAKU Film Festival 2024

Film, Community, and Festival


Your support and contribution will help us creating a cultural bridge between Switzerland and Japan! GINMAKU Japanese Film Festival in Zurich, Switzerland. Next Edition: May 8 - 12, 2024

42 %
CHF 3’429
14 days to go
whispers of old stories

Film, art, and Dance

Blatten and Bruiu

whispers of old stories

by noah_kohlbrenner

In «Stones and Their Whispers of Old Stories», we explore myths, legends and tales in Transylvania and the Valais Alps together with filmmakers, artists and performers.

114 %
CHF 5’726
5 days to go
SEIN - Culinary & Culture

Food, Startup, and Art


SEIN - Culinary & Culture

by Ars Culinaria im SEIN

A place where culinary delights and culture come together. A place to BE (german «SEIN»). We have already opened our little oasis, but still have to finance the last part of the key money.

25 %
CHF 11’150
32 days to go
L'échoppe itinérante

Startup, Fair Trade, and Community


L'échoppe itinérante

by L'échoppe d'Avalon

Je souhaite acquérir un van pour aller à la rencontre des gens et leur faire découvrir mon univers en leur offrant la possibilité de visiter ma boutique lors d'événements ou de marchés.

37 %
CHF 5’560
17 days to go

Now! Projects


Publishing, Journalism, and Community

Bern, Basel, and Zürich


by Britta Güntert

Ein Hörspiel über Häusliche Gewalt und Freundschaft. Eine fiktive Geschichte - inspiriert von einer wahren Begebenheit.

80 %
CHF 2’411
10 days to go
Bob Spring & Ken Coomer

Music and Art

Nashville and Zürich

I have the chance to record my next album in Nashville, Tennessee. Ken Coomer (Wilco, Lucinda Williams, etc.), will support and produce me. Production starts on May 1.

15 %
CHF 1’805
13 days to go
Une maison en Haïti

Architecture and Community


Une maison en Haïti

by Papillon et Marie

Contribuez à la construction d'une maison pour notre nièce Mikencia et sa famille en Haïti qui ont tout perdu à cause de la crise politique, sécuritaire et humanitaire sans précédent.

55 %
CHF 5’540
6 days to go
HUMUS sapiens - short guides

Science, agriculture, and Education


HUMUS sapiens - short guides

by Julian Chollet (mikroBIOMIK), Malte Larsen, and Akvilė Paukštytė

We want to help people grow high-quality food and, at the same time, improve the fertility of the soil. For this reason, we publish short guidebooks under an open license.

88 %
CHF 9’759
4 hours to go

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