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We Fancy

Circus and music show

Music, Performing arts, and Art

Lausanne, Granada, and Paris

Circus and music show

by Cie Entrecuerdas

Help us company to buy a custom metal structure that will house the aerials(rope and trapeze) and musicians and serve as scenery for our show about mental health.

69 %
EUR 5’565
29 days to go
Makuti Dance & Events

Community, Dance, and Tourism


Makuti Dance & Events

by MAKUTI Dance & Events

Makuti is more than a dance venue project—it's a dream in the making. In the Park of Palomino, Colombia, we will be building a platform and organise dance events, dance classes & diverse workshops.

43 %
CHF 5’245
20 days to go

Publishing, Sport, and Technology


A book about women in motorbike racing technology. A book about unusual paths, real skill and courageous decisions. A book about passion, precision and adrenaline.

64 %
CHF 7’750
19 days to go

Politics, Community, and Art



by Carla Caucotto, Amélie Kolly, and Sarah Gutierrez

Sujettes est une nouvelle association dédiée à mettre en lumière les biens (im)matériels hérités des femmes* en Suisse avec son évènement phare: les Journées du Matrimoine de Lausanne.

63 %
CHF 4’131
34 days to go

Now! Projects

Antonio back to Canada

Community and Education

London, Bogotá, and Barcelona

Antonio is Venezuelan and is studying in Canada. Due to a visa error, he got blocked in Barcelona after a visit to Spain. He is now fighting to return to Canada and complete his degree.

118 %
CHF 2’250
3 days to go
Dance Worlds 2024



Dance Worlds 2024

by wildeaglescheer

Nous avons été qualifiées pour participer au championnat du monde de danse à Orlando! Les frais de compétition et de voyage étant très élevés, nous comptons sur vous pour nous aider!

113 %
CHF 5’650
12 days to go
Sailboat Refit

Photography, Sport, and Environment


Sailboat Refit

by Ariane & Fred

We bought a boat. Set the sails. Lived the dream. A few weeks later, we were parked in a shipyard for unscheduled maintenance. Help us get back in the water!

83 %
CHF 4’025
12 days to go
EP Julie Berthollet

Music and Art


EP Julie Berthollet

by Julie Berthollet

J’ai déjà enregistré 7 albums avec ma soeur, mais ce projet n’a pas de label, c'est un EP de mes chansons les plus intimes, avec des photos et des graphismes inédits, faits par des artistes indés.

18 %
EUR 920
47 days to go

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