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We Fancy

Food, Design, and Community


Coffee Page is expanding!

by Jean Kehlhofer

A new page is being written for Coffee Page! And new premises mean new projects! 🥳 What's new? More seats, a terrace, brunches, afterworks and many other surprises...

CHF 19’065
76 %
14 days to go

Science, Film, and Environment



by tellfilm

The documentary ICEMAN traces the life and work of renowned scientist Dr. Konrad Steffen. The story portrays his passionate commitment to the study of climate change and its impact on polar regions.

CHF 10’501
47 %
10 days to go

Design, architecture, and Art


La Station

by La Station and Atelier U-Zehn

Participate to the renovation's final step of the old water station of Vauseyon (NE) and its rehabilitation into a new space for artistic creation dedicated to graphic and visual arts.

CHF 2’745
39 %
15 days to go

Politics, Community, and Education

Zürich and Bern

Save our Empathy Initiative

by Empathie Initiative

We bring empathy back where it was lost. We hold courses in empathy and conflict resolution and we practice community building. In order to continue, we need help!

CHF 43’289
43 %
18 days to go

Now! Projects

Fashion, Design, and Environment


Unterstütze zwei junge Textildrucker aus Bern, die mit Hilfe eines originell ausgebauten Lastenvelos nachhaltige und lokale Siebdruckworkshops bei Anlässen anbieten wollen.

CHF 7’705
48 %
17 days to go

Community and Sport

Amsterdam and Vevey

Gymnaestrada 2023

by Groupe Mysteria

Le groupe vaudois Mysteria est un groupe composé de 65 gymnastes qui se rendra à la Gymnaestrada à Amsterdam du 30 juillet au 5 août 2023. C'est une occasion unique de présenter nos talents au monde.

CHF 1’140
16 %
17 days to go



Torelli: manuscript sonatas

by Sue-Ying K & Vincent B

Support the second album by Sue-Ying Koang and Vincent Bernhardt, dedicated this time to manuscript sonatas for violin and basso continuo by Giuseppe Torelli (1658-1709).

CHF 1’285
16 %
22 days to go

Kids / Youth, Sport, and Environment


6'000km de solidarité

by 6'000km de solidarité

Soutenez notre participation au 4L Trophy en février 2023. Grâce à ce raid humanitaire, nous voulons améliorer la scolarisation et la sensibilité écologique des enfants du désert marocain.

CHF 974
24 %
24 days to go

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