On average, we are 37.6 years old and we have a total of fifteen kids. We keep dogs, wooden fishes and flamingos for pets. We live over the roofs of Zurich, in the heart of Lausanne, on the fringes of Linz and en route in a motor home. We are artists and coders, divers and snowboarders, dumpling chefs and coffee aficionados.

Everyday, we work to get as many projects as possible to a successful close. Again and again, we are positively thrilled by projects, which is why we ended up backing more than 500 of them so far and it’s only getting more.

Further Project Consultants

Pauline Debrichy, Elisabeth Mürzl, Luc Henry (Science), Mirko Bischofberger (Science)

Software Development

Dirk Breuer, Malex Spiegel

Translations and Editing

Alexandra Bernoulli (German Editing), Gaëlle Guicheney (French Translations), Babajalscha Flurina Meili (English Translations), Esmeralda Mattei (Italian Translations)

Foto Credits

Katharina Lütscher

Legal Advice

Martina Arioli

wemakeit Alumni

Sophie Ballmer, Caroline Fourré, Matthias Gieselmann, Emile Joudié, Elisabeth Mürzl, Lars Nielsen, Jana Schiffmann, Alex Senn, Eva Tschiderer