On average we are 37,6 years old, we have 17 kids and measure a total of 6’236 centimeters. In our daily lives, we speak German, French and English, we let our favourite online tools play an important part and we use GIFs all the time for decorating purposes.

We move about on our surf, kite and snowboards, rubber boats, racing bicycles and in our vans. We all come together when the coffee aficionados, cheese gourmets and dumpling chefs among us call us to their tables. But that is in between - because usually we are at our desks in the South of France, Geneva, Lausanne, Berne, Zurich, Bonn, Karlsruhe, Munich and Vienna.

We believe in flat hierarchies and that we can have a sustainable economy, we believe in the power of the crowd and also that we can build our future together. This is what drives us to give our best, every day again, to enable the success of wemakeit’s projects. And we sometimes get a project of our own going (such as here, here, here and here). More often though, we privately support projects, more than 827 so far, and it’s only getting more.

Further Project Consultants

Pauline Debrichy, Luc Henry (Science), Mirko Bischofberger (Science)

Software Development and UX Design

Dirk Breuer, Malex Spiegel, Adriana Rys, Lea-Marie Delazer


Gaëlle Guicheney (French Translations), Babajalscha Flurina Meili (English Translations), Esmeralda Mattei (Italian Translations)


OKR Circle (Organisational and process support), Wortspiel (Digital Marketing), Martina Arioli (Legal Advice)

Foto Credits

Katharina Lütscher

wemakeit Alumni

Sophie Ballmer, Caroline Fourré, Matthias Gieselmann, Emile Joudié, Lorenz König, Anne Lutz, Simone Mathys-Parnreiter, Lars Nielsen, Jana Schiffmann, Alex Senn, Eva Tschiderer