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Kids / Youth, Literature, and Environment

Alto Malcantone

Lea e l'Ape Adelaide è un libro nato per i bambini, per avvicinarli alla natura attraverso il divertimento. Tanti bimbi hanno già conosciuto Adelaide, così tanti che ora abbiamo bisogno di ristamparlo

100 %
CHF 1’000
6 backers

Performing arts, art, and Tourism


With this crowdfunding, we are asking for your help to perpetuate the activity and existence of the neapolitan atelier and shop "la maschera è libertà, dedicated to Commedia dell’Arte’s masks'.

128 %
EUR 7’688
69 backers

Music and Art


Caspar von Nebenan EP

by Caspar von Nebenan

Caspar von Nebenan brings his first EP. Six songs, five students and no money. Caspar needs you to make the publication possible and to reach as many ears as possible.

141 %
CHF 1’411
14 backers

Agriculture, Festival, and Art


Bordei in Festa

by Clima Clowns

We want to learn how to heal the earth - by combining the artistic and the agricultural. Support our first action: A program festival that aims to bring regenerative life into a mountain village!

125 %
CHF 5’001
36 backers

Politics and Community

Lugano, Athens, and Corinth


by Aletheia.RCS

Fundraising to purchase basic necessities (food and hygiene) for our projects in Corinth/Athens in support of migrants and refugees stuck in Greece

120 %
CHF 6’001
67 backers

Community, art, and Tourism


Oase in Ligurien Teil 2

by Verein ULA, Stöckel & Schuh

Unser Kraftort in Ligurien startet durch mit dem ersten Angebot: 2 Skulpturkurse mit Lebendmodell: zu Gast in dem Kraft, - und Erholungsort: Matteo Todeschini aus Verona - für alle kreativen Menschen.

108 %
EUR 8’065
49 backers

Film, Community, and Education

Milan and Geneva

A documentary film on the lived experience of refugees hosted in Milan’s reception centres, and of the operators that manage them. Invaluable agents of change, re-negotiating Milan’s urban space.

100 %
EUR 4’000
26 backers

Food, Community, and Literature

Verona, Palermo, and Marseille

Die Reise

by The Virtual's Reality

Eine wilde Irrfahrt durch Italien bis nach Nordafrika führt den Autor Marco Stalder mit der geheimnisvollen Elena Pignatelli zusammen - ist sie eine Menschenfreundin oder Angehörige der Mafia?

100 %
CHF 4’020
24 backers

Music, Kids / Youth, and Education


30 years of Coro Calicantus

by Coro Calicantus

30 years of music and education packed into two evenings of celebration! Gala concert with a multifaceted music selection from the Calicantus repertoire.

104 %
CHF 5’230
89 backers

Politics, Community, and Environment


Support Yannick and Nara!

by Yannick Demaria and Nara Valsangiacomo

With this project, you can support Yannick Demaria and Nara Valsangiacomo's campaign for the 2023 Ticino cantonal elections.

115 %
CHF 3’469
35 backers

Politics and Kids / Youth


Tramite questo progetto, potrai sostenere con un piccolo contributo la campagna per il Gran Consiglio di Diego Baratti, per realizzare insieme il futuro del Ticino!

104 %
CHF 2’615
25 backers

Politics, Kids / Youth, and Environment


Giovani Verdi a Bellinzona!

by Deborah Meili, Nara Valsangiacomo, and Clara Seitz

Ci sta a cuore avere un futuro su questo pianeta, dove territorio e persone possano convivere in armonia. Per dar voce a queste idee sostieni la nostra campagna per le elezioni Cantonali del 2/4/23!

120 %
CHF 3’020
43 backers

Science, Film, and Festival

Lugano, Basel, and Zürich

Global Science Film Festival

by Silvie Cuperus and Samer Angelone

The Global Science Film Festival brings together society, filmmakers and science in cinema every year. Join us for the spring 2023 edition in Zurich, Basel or Lugano!

200 %
CHF 10’030
30 backers

Community and Kids / Youth


Less is Love

by Associazione Helianto

Fundraising by the Helianto Association to renovate the mother-and-child clinic in the Uragaha region of Sri Lanka.

130 %
CHF 7’850
107 backers

Agriculture, Environment, and Animals


Dieser alte Verzasca-Berg, der aus Ställen und Steingebäuden besteht und keine Straße hat, muss restauriert werden! Eine Associazione («Pro») von Freiwilligen engagiert sich. Helfen Sie uns :-)

105 %
CHF 9’500
64 backers



NEW CD – Deutsche Reise

by Silvia Puggioni

Realization of the new album by the Puggioni-Sanna duo entitled Deutsche Reise: a trip to Germany in the early 1900s with Alban Berg, Max Reger, Paul Hindemith and Hans Poser.

100 %
EUR 2’501
45 backers

Exhibition and Art


Artist in Residence Milan

by Federico Vecchi

Via Farini Artist in Residence offer the great opportunity of international visibility to my work and professional networking to help me in the development of my career.

115 %
EUR 11’560
34 backers

Startup and Community

Lampedusa, Chișinău, and Nairobi

Humanitarian air operator

by Humanitarian Pilots Initiative

In order to continue our projects, we need to establish a humanitarian air operator. Only with joint forces can we continue our commitment to people in need. Help us to do this!

109 %
CHF 54’791
173 backers

Music and Performing Arts

Salgesch, Locarno, and Lugano



It's a tragicomic theatre production that stands on the border of physical theatre and circus arts. The goal is to create an immersive FANTASY world on stage for the family audiences.

150 %
CHF 9’000
103 backers


Vevey, Lyon, and Naples


by Luca Bertogliati

« MALANDRINO » (action/comique) raconte les heurs et malheurs de deux trafiquants italiens qui tentent de développer le marché de l’organisation à laquelle ils appartiennent, sur le Territoire suisse.

104 %
CHF 10’495
101 backers

Startup and Environment


Natural Labor

by Larissa e Roberta

Workshop for the production of handmade soaps. Natural products that respect the environment, take care of our skin and put us in a good mood.

100 %
CHF 3’005
29 backers


Lugano, Bellinzona, and Memphis

Playing in Memphis

by Federico Albertoni and NigelC

Freddie & the Cannonballs need your help to make our lifelong dream come true: to fly to the United States of America and represent Switzerland at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN!

125 %
CHF 10’001
83 backers

Kids / Youth, Technology, and Education

Zürich, Lugano, and Lausanne


by GirlsCodeToo

GirlsCodeToo aims to foster and nurture the curiosity, skills, and creativity of girls. We teach tech skills that help them make career and educational decisions for their future! Wanna get involved?

101 %
CHF 20’358
164 backers

Performing arts and Art

Lugano, Biasca, and Bellinzona

Io sono Nijinsky

by Elisa Pagliaro and Daniele Bernardi

Freely adapted from the diaries of the star of the Ballets Russes. By and with Daniele Bernardi. Teatro Sociale (Bellinzona) 19.11.21.
Teatro Foce (Lugano) 26-28.11.21. Teatro Tan (Biasca) 4.12.21.

100 %
CHF 3’020
38 backers

Music and Performing Arts


«Maybe a concert»

by Raissa Avilés

«Maybe a concert» è un viaggio che incarna la musica in un flusso continuo cercando di andare «oltre» le canzoni, ciò che rappresentano o ciò che sembrano rappresentare.

103 %
CHF 5’160
55 backers

Publishing, Community, and Education


Does life only revolve around money and business? Or should we be more concerned with achieving a balance between money, happiness and health? Where lies the true power of negotiation?

102 %
EUR 9’199
45 backers

Science, Environment, and Animals

Sicilì and Zürich

Wir tun mehr für das Meer!

by Thomas Murschetz

Als Wohltätigkeitsorganisation will Donating Hands für KYMA sea conversation & research ein Kurzportrait und Content für ihre Medienkanäle erstellen. So wird KYMA in Wachstum und Reichweite gefördert.

100 %
CHF 8’050
33 backers

Music, art, and Literature

Vienna, London, and Naples

Join The Erlkings as they create their next studio recorded double-album, featuring Neapolitan mandolin virtuoso Marcello Smigliante Gentile and songs by Beethoven and Schubert!

106 %
EUR 15’933
138 backers

Architecture, tourism, and Environment


Casa Tre Valli

by Katharina Oehler, Gregor Vögtli, and Andreas Renz

Wir wollen ein über 200 jähriges Tessiner Steinhaus renovieren, neu beleben und darin CO2 neutrale Ferien ermöglichen. Hilf uns den ökologischen Umbau zu realisieren.

119 %
CHF 26’280
50 backers

Art and Education


Wie die alten Meister...

by Annika Schick

Das Crowdfunding ermöglicht mir eine Basisausbildung als Skulpteur und wird mir das Wissen und die Instrumente liefern, die ich brauche, um meine Skills autodidaktisch zu erweitern.

118 %
CHF 5’570
30 backers

Food, Sport, and Tourism


Gesero Hut summer 2021

by Andrea Gerna

We want to invest in small works of embellishment and renovation in order to ensure a last and glorious season at the Gesero Hut located at 1774 meters above sea level.

105 %
CHF 6’315
45 backers

Community and Tourism


Rettet unser kleines B&B

by HomeSuiteHome

Corona hat uns an die Existenzgrenze gebracht und wir – meine Frau, ihre Mama und ich – sind dabei unser Familien geführtes B&B zu verlieren. Wir bitten Euch um eine kleine Hilfe.

105 %
EUR 3’150
3 backers

Exhibition, Publishing, and Art


Ausstellung #iorestoacasa

by konzept&klartext

«Was siehst du, wenn du aus dem Fenster schaust?» Du hättest diese Ausstellung auch gerne gesehen? Hilf mit, dann ist schon bald eine virtuelle Besichtigung möglich und wir überwinden Raum und Zeit!

100 %
CHF 4’800
17 backers

Agriculture, Community, and Environment


Food Forest in Sizilien

by Crowd Container

Sei von Anfang an mit dabei! Ermögliche eine klimafreundliche und mafiafreie Landwirtschaft in Sizilien und hilf mit, dass sich die frischen Früchte und Nüsse schon bald auf den Weg zu uns machen.

113 %
CHF 67’875
477 backers


Beinwil am See and Ascona

L’Elisir d’amore

by Natalie Eichenberger

Opern-Liebhaber müssen nicht zwingend zu einer Grossstadt fahren um eine Aufführung zu geniessen. Piccola Opera produziert L’Elisir d’amore im Taschenformat und dafür hautnah.

104 %
CHF 3’120
11 backers

Startup, agriculture, and Environment


Food Waste as Resource

by Elisa Filippi and Elena Bittante

Help us to build the little house for the queen of bioconversion. Where it reproduces and prepares itself for the process of valorization of food waste into new sustainable and healthy resources.

102 %
CHF 25’517
65 backers

Publishing, Politics, and Community


1 Stadtkarte + 2 Leporellos

by tOmi Scheiderbauer

Mit deiner Hilfe entwickeln und produzieren wir - VON UND FÜR GEFLÜCHTETE - eine alternative Stadtkarte von Lecce und zwei Leporellos, exklusiv für die Strassenverkäuferinnen von Lecce.

130 %
EUR 7’830
56 backers

Community and Tourism

Neuchâtel, Lugano, and Bern

Explore Switzerland Pass

by Explore Switzerland

Explore Switzerland gibt dir die Schlüssel der Schweiz!

129 %
CHF 12’948
139 backers

Kids / Youth and Education


Mädchen von 9-12 Jahren verbringen im August eine Woche im Tessiner Bergdorf Ces und erlernen durch Theater, Spiel & Spass in der Umgebung neue Fähigkeiten und werden zu ganz individuellen Heldinnen.

113 %
CHF 1’701
18 backers

Performing Arts

Udine and Lausanne

La principessa azzurra

by Compagnia Teatro La Fuffa

Was wäre, wenn die Märchenprinzessin ihre Verehrer abweisen und mit dem Drachen fliehen würde?

102 %
CHF 6’122
51 backers

Publishing, Design, and Architecture

Milan and Paris

Umberto Riva

by Éditions Cosa Mentale

«BEYOND MODERNITY: THE ARCHITECTURE OF UMBERTO RIVA. CRITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS 1989-2015». Author: Maria Bottero. Editorial coordination: Claudia Mion. Graphical design: Spassky Fischer. Support us!

121 %
EUR 6’062
71 backers

Agriculture, tourism, and Environment


In the last 25 years we have taken care of the countryside in Liguria. This year some unexpected events such as harsh weather and Covid-19 have hit us heavily. We need your support to start again!

101 %
EUR 20’258
113 backers

Community, art, and Education


Helfende Hände für Peccia

by Scuola di Scultura

Der Werkplatz der Scuola di Scultura ist leer. Ateliers sind verlassen. Ohne Corona würden Hammer und Meissel geschwungen und Motorsägen singen. Die Krise trifft uns existenziell - bitte hilf uns!

187 %
CHF 93’724
257 backers

Film and Sport


Court-métrage autobiographique de ma vie de 15-20 minutes, retraçant mon parcours d'un jeune footballeur ayant des rêves plein la tête et toutes les difficultées qui vont avec...

115 %
CHF 2’880
49 backers

Technology, tourism, and Environment



by Luca Ferrari, Leonard Pestalozzi, and Siméon Wehrli et Tanguy Bibus

Nous avons réalisé ce projet pour permettre à n'importe qui de pouvoir visiter une ville et y découvrir ses lieux emblématiques en quelques minutes et ce sur une trottinette électrique 100% Suisse.

125 %
CHF 31’328
137 backers

Performing Arts


«Rivelare il nascosto»

by Virginia _Luana

A two parts performance: «Unique female experience, period» speaks of the stigma linked to menstruation and «Souvenir du futur» is inspired by the witch trials where the power of resistance overcome.

100 %
CHF 3’500
20 backers

Community and Sport


Ketsui 2.0

by Ketsui

La famiglia del Box di CrossFit Ketsui è cresciuta diventando una vera comunità di persone che vogliono fare sport divertendosi e abbiamo bisogno di uno spazio più grande per ospitare tutti noi e te!

137 %
CHF 41’350
38 backers

Food and Education


Aiutatemi a realizzare il sogno di una vita...Andare in Giappone per il mio compleanno a perfezionare dai veri maestri del Ramen la tecnica perfetta, da riportare e condividere in Ticino al rientro

121 %
CHF 2’435
53 backers



Pierangelo Summa, masks creator, puppeteer and theatre director, left us a hundred Commedia dell’Arte’s masks' moulds. Help us save them !

127 %
EUR 7’660
86 backers

Performing Arts


«Nothing is Lost»

by Cie Il Branco

We are thirteen young artists (Cie Il Branco) and we will perform our piece «Nothing is Lost» at the Teatro Dimitri (TI) in October. We are spread all over Europe and we need your help to reunite!

112 %
CHF 3’374
32 backers

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