Does life only revolve around money and business? Or should we be more concerned with achieving a balance between money, happiness and health? Where lies the true power of negotiation?

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The true power of negotiation - negotiating money and happiness

Negotiating shapes and forms all our relationships. Thus, we either give them room to unfold or limit them. Without successful and nurturing relationships, no project can truly be implemented successfully. Every negotiation is ultimately about decisions, agreements and trust - in other words, each of us is constantly in interaction with other people. Unfortunately, sustainable negotiation tends to be neglected in business, which ultimately leads to burnout - one of the fundamental problems of our society. How can we create a more sustainable future in which we value nurturing relationships? How important is the power of kindness and respect? Are there fundamental differences between business and personal life? In my book, you can expect answers and thought-provoking ideas.

What is so special about my project?

My book is a collection of insights that I have gathered on my life journey and my progression as a coach. I have analyzed over 2000 negotiations and supported numerous people on their journey - I convey my most important insights through numerous personal examples, linked to the most important theories and concepts. As you read through, you will find questions for reflection, which makes my insights easy to follow and subsequently implementable in practice. I consciously emphasize combining theory and practice, as it is essential not only to know these insights, but to be able to apply them in daily life.

To accomplish this, I need support

Let’s make the world a little better together and establish a sustainable culture of agreement and negotiation! This is one of the essential pillars of «New Work». We need people and a community standing together for a new future - because no matter what we are talking about: crisis management, change management, fusions, innovations and product developments - we need sustainable agreements and people advocating for a more human business. Please support me to spread this knowledge: because unfortunately marketing costs money. :-) Not only the marketing, but also the team behind this, the incredibly helpful editors as well as the printing.