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Publishing, art, and Literature

Motionless Travels

A collection of 10 leporellos. An exceptional silk-screen printed literary and artistic piece. Each leporello comes with a podcast. Every month, for 10 months, a gift for someone you love!
by Pierre Crevoisier, Chapelle (Glâne)
82% funded
CHF 16’570 pledged
9 days to go
Photography, Publishing, and Politics

One man water cannon test

One man water cannon test is a photo book by Swiss photographer Eric Bachmann. The photo series from 1969 documents the self-test with one of the first water cannons acquired in Switzerland.
by Dominik Bachmann, Zürich
87% funded
CHF 5’977 pledged
6 days to go
Photography, Publishing, and Sport

Passion & Emotions

In my first photo book I dedicate myself photographically to the theme of passion. Ever since I can remember, I have been inspired by people who have a passion.
by RamonOsti, Zürich
57% funded
CHF 2’570 pledged
9 days to go
Publishing, art, and Literature

春の軌跡 Haru no kiseki

Edition of travel diaries in Japan, combining story and illustration of a spring adventure on the island of Shikoku. 1200 km on foot to tell the mood of the day and draw my daily life as a pilgrim.
by Boiseaubert Marie, Bâle
96% funded
EUR 5’290 pledged
4 days to go
Publishing, Community, and Literature

Platform number 4

Bringing together characters from all walks of life and creating a unique story is one of the things I love the most! If you too want to become a creator, jump on the bandwagon!
by Maryline Jaquet, Berolle
115% funded
CHF 7’510 pledged
7 days to go
Publishing, architecture, and Community

Buch «Blinder Fleck»

Nach 150 Jahren wird der Wiener Nordwestbahnhof stillgelegt um einem völlig neuen Stadtteil zu weichen. Hilf mit, eine Publikation zu dessen wechselvoller aber vergessener Geschichte zu verwirklichen.
by Michael Zinganel, Bernhard Hachleitner, and Michael Hieslmair, Wien
30% funded
EUR 2’320 pledged
21 days to go
Publishing, Comics, and Art

Tamed Gods

You love realistically drawn aviator comics, believable characters, lots of action and little palaver! Then you are right here! Support me with my new comic «Tamed Gods».
by Franz Zumstein, Balsthal
17% funded
CHF 2’060 pledged
38 days to go
Publishing and Music

Hellwach: Aggregat auf Vinyl

Das Musiklabel Hellwach präsentiert die erste Techno-Compilation Luzerns seit 10 Jahren. Unterstütze uns bei der Herstellung der Vinyl-Pressung und hol dir die limitiere Schallplatte.
by Hellwach Label, Luzern
15% funded
CHF 1’540 pledged
33 days to go
Publishing, Kids / Youth, and Literature

Kinderbuch «Magische Welt»

Ich interessiere mich für die Themen der Aufmerksamkeit, Achtsamkeit und Wahrnehmung. Ich versuche meinen Kindern beizubringen die Welt anders zu sehen. Mein Kinderbuch kann helfen mehr zu spüren.
by Anja, Freiburg
9% funded
CHF 470 pledged
19 days to go
Publishing and Music

Am Anfang war die Trommel

Zu seinem 70. Geburtstag im Jahr 2023 publiziert der Musiker Reto Weber «Am Anfang war die Trommel» mit Fotos, Musik und Geschichten aus seiner 50-jährigen Karriere in über 100 Ländern.
by, Biel
3% funded
CHF 610 pledged
11 days to go
Photography, Publishing, and Community

Silent Portraits

SILENT PORTRAITS captures people in contemplation, as a tribute to the beauty and power of stillness. It gives insight into inner work - meditation turned into a book.
by axel kirchhoff – Atelier für Fotografie und Video, St. Gallen
0% funded
CHF 138 pledged
28 days to go
Publishing, Journalism, and Education

Crisis and Journalism

Support us in producing a book that will analyse the dynamics between crisis and journalism through the perspectives of a diverse range of academics and journalists, connecting theory and practice.
by Juliana Alcantara and Ricardo Ribeiro Ferreira, Coimbra
0% funded
EUR 15 pledged
36 days to go