30 years of music and education packed into two evenings of celebration! Gala concert with a multifaceted music selection from the Calicantus repertoire.

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30th Anniversary of the Coro Calicantus

Thirty years of music and education packed into two evenings of celebration!

Gala concert with a multifaceted selection from the Calicantus repertoire, from the Renaissance to Queen; video projections with historical images, interviews, and stories.

Featuring the Coro Calicantus and the choir of former choristers, «Calicantus Experience,» 60 children who have become adults and who have embraced the challenge of singing again.

Two concerts for our loyal audience:

Friday, March 24, 2023, 8 p.m. and Saturday, March 25, 2023, 8 p.m. Santa Maria della Misericordia Church - Collegio Papio Ascona

Various personalities from the Swiss and international music world will attend the Locarno festivities.

Coro Calicantus

The world of international children’s and youth choral music increasingly represents a model of education for collaboration, solidarity, peace, and music.

The frequent festivals, symposia, and competitions dedicated to this art form testify to its richness and allow us to reflect on the significance that music and choral music can assume today, in the formation of children, the adults of tomorrow.

The Calicantus Choir is active on an educational, artistic, human, and social level both in Switzerland and internationally. Its goal is to educate the younger generation in singing, to organize cultural exchanges with choirs from all over the world, and to promote choral art as a means of raising awareness of humanitarian action.

Why we need your help

This unique project and the entire Calicantus Choir school system entail high financial costs.

The 30th will see the presence of logistics never seen in the church: platforms, lights, big screen, technical teams, etc. Ticket revenue will not be enough to cover expenses. Every small contribution you make is a sign of trust, and we thank you in advance.