NEW CD – Deutsche Reise

by Silvia Puggioni


Realization of the new album by the Puggioni-Sanna duo entitled Deutsche Reise: a trip to Germany in the early 1900s with Alban Berg, Max Reger, Paul Hindemith and Hans Poser.

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Publication of the first CD of the Puggioni-Sanna duo, clarinet and piano

The Puggioni-Sanna Duo faces its first recording project! The chosen theme is a common thread between four German composers apparently distant from each other but in reality very close. They are: Alban Berg, Max Reger, Paul Hindemith and Hans Poser! We are in Germany in the first half of the 20th century and in the midst of the complex events of this historical period these four authors expressed their feelings and emotions, each in their own way but always with musical language. The short but intense Vier Stücke op. 5 by Alban Berg, written in 1913 and dedicated to Arnold Schönberg. Albumblatt and Tarantella by Max Reger, the first lyric and the second effervescent, to represent a rare flash of late romantic clarinetism. Paul Hindemith’s Sonata for clarinet and piano, in his mature style and framed in a period already tumultuous for the author (1939). The Sonata for Clarinet and Piano op. 30 by Hans Poser, in his very first recording on this CD!

First recording of Hans Poser's Clarinet Sonata!

We discovered this author by accident about 8 years ago. Enraptured by his music and impressed by the fact that there were no recordings or information about it, we went into a research project. In 2017, after years of finding sources, we finally wrote a thesis on him thanks to the help of Prof. Jürgen Ollesch, Hans Poser’s son Florian Poser and Maestro Giovanni Indulti. Hans Poser’s musical style immediately reminded us of Paul Hindemith’s music, this is how we discovered the reverence for the latter and also a short epistolary report in which Hindemith appreciated Poser’s work.

Making a cd costs!

The realization of a CD includes very high costs and almost always are completely borne by the artists: the recording studio, the graphic designer for the CD cover, the photographer for the booklet, the copyright, the printing of the CDs, etc. We tried our best to have a quality product by relying on one of the best sound engineers in Italy: Carlo Cantini. We are active in promoting and proposing our ideas and our musical projects, we work hard and do not let ourselves be discouraged by the many difficulties that two young artists, especially in Italy, face. The money you donate will be used to create a very high quality product: registration, editing, booklet texts, photos and promotion, everything will be taken care of in the smallest details.