GirlsCodeToo aims to foster and nurture the curiosity, skills, and creativity of girls. We teach tech skills that help them make career and educational decisions for their future! Wanna get involved?

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About GirlsCodeToo ...

GirlsCodeToo is dedicated to empowering girls with the skills they for their future and to help shape, direct, and develop the technologies that will shape our future!

We are a Swiss-based non-profit organisation, founded by a motivated team of industry professionals, professors, students, and parents.

Our initiative is focused on supporting and encouraging girls to explore technology and discover innovation from a new angle. Our wish is to allow all girls in Switzerland, and beyond, to become tech-literate, have the tools to make informed decisions on the educational, and professional path they wish to embark on.

  • Viviane teaching
    Viviane teaching
  • Sahana teaching
    Sahana teaching
  • Ritika teaching
    Ritika teaching
  • Marta teaching
    Marta teaching
  • game design students at summer camp
    game design students at summer camp
  • SparkWorks Space!
    SparkWorks Space!

GirlsCodeToo initiative is special because ...

We care about the future of girls and contribute to bridging the gender gap in the tech industry. We wish to raise awareness about the importance of children becoming tech-literate and want to ensure that girls are not left behind in this process.

GirlsCodeToo creates an educational and inspiring space for children to learn fundamental skills (both tech and soft skills) and build the confidence they need to pursue their dreams!

At GirlsCodeToo we teach our students what might seem «difficult» in a fun and intuitive way. They learn from inspiring university students and industry professionals, who lived or have seen first-hand the lack of representation of women in technical universities and industry. As shown in scientific studies, the lack of women in tech generates inequalities which are visible in industry and academia. It is through initiatives like GirlsCodeToo that systemic change can be reached for future generations and the steps toward change must start now.

By helping girls break the ice with tech through learning various coding languages, they can make educated choices for their future, be it higher education studies, apprenticeships, or career options. Through feeling confident to take on any challenge and free from any misconceptions regarding coding (like coding «is for boys» or «you need to be good at maths») that tend to influence their choices.

Why GirlsCodeToo initiative is important :

Did you know that most women are keen to study Computer Science or engineering if they can relate the subject of study to creativity or a greater social cause?

Did you know that less than 30% of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) graduates in Europe are girls?

Did you know that achieving gender equality in STEM education could add up to 1.2 million jobs & EUR 610-820 billion to Europe’s GDP by 2050?

Did you know that the technology industry lacks women in Senior Leadership - globally, in fact women account only for 16% of managers in the information technology industry?

  • ETH Zurich Gender Ratio
    ETH Zurich Gender Ratio
  • Women in Tech Industry Ratio
    Women in Tech Industry Ratio
  • USI Gender Ratio
    USI Gender Ratio
  • EPFL Gender Ratio
    EPFL Gender Ratio
  • Universities Switzerland
    Universities Switzerland

How will your contribution help GirlsCodeToo?

Your contribution will help us to continue offering in-person and virtual workshops at a reduced and accessible price for all girls.

All our workshops are taught in German, French, Italian, or English by a team of motivated and trained students from technical universities like ETH Zurich or industry professional volunteers from big or small IT companies.

GirlsCodeToo in 2021 has successfully offered 102 coding workshops with 572 attendances. We have exciting new workshops planned for 2022! But for us to continue with our mission we need your support!

Your financial support will be used to help subsidise workshops making them affordable for our students. This allows girls from all social and economic backgrounds to participate!

We aim to educate, empower, and impact the lives of all girls with no exception!

While our major focus is on providing girls with high-quality tech-literacy education, we also teach mixed workshops when requested.

How do we impact change?

We introduce our students to the software tools and processes that are used to build apps, games, websites, and robots using the actual tools used in the industry. At the end of each workshop, our students come out of class with a finalized project that they can use and re-use on their own laptop or computer. This approach allows them to create new connections to the technologies they use. Making tech no longer purely a medium of consumption but also of creation!

All our courses are designed around clearly outlined learning objectives that support students in understanding the purpose of each concept taught by GirlsCodeToo.

Here are some of the formats we offer:

  • Digital Discovery: introductory coding workshops
  • Technology Workshops: in-depth workshops in specific coding languages or technologies
  • Workshops to boost confidence and interpersonal skills
  • Summer camps
  • Tech Talks: by role models from industry professionals to academics

So become part of the change, donate and help us continue with this project!

  • Workshop with Amazon employees introducing AI & Machine Learning
    Workshop with Amazon employees introducing AI & Machine Learning
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals
    UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • What Drives a Girls in Tech
    What Drives a Girls in Tech
  • Explore, Belong & Create
    Explore, Belong & Create
  • A Journey with GirlsCodeToo
    A Journey with GirlsCodeToo