GirlsCodeToo aims to foster and nurture the curiosity, skills, and creativity of girls. We teach tech skills that help them make career and educational decisions for their future! Wanna get involved?

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Successfully concluded on 24/12/2021

Thank you!!! We Made It 🥳By GirlsCodeToo, on 24/12/2021

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you for liking, sharing and donating to our cause.

With your help we raised 20,358 CHF!

This will help us plan, design & deliver workshops on a whole host of topics like #mobileapps #websdesign #python #robotics #AI and more. But don’t stop now. YOU can do more!

ENCOURAGE & EMPOWER - Talk to young girls in your life about #coding and a #careerintech

VOLUNTEER & DONATE - Are a business in #tech? Does your company have a #CSR program? We can use your help! Connect with us to see ALL the different ways in which you can support our mission

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT - There are too few #womenintech & #womeninSTEM Unfortunately the numbers are only decreasing. It will take each and every one of us to actively support the cause of #genderquality in the workplace.

Help us spread the word. Talk to your friends & family. Like & follow organizations like ours that want to #makeadifference We depend on YOU and your continued support!

21 hours to go! Last chance to support the project By GirlsCodeToo, on 23/12/2021


👚BUY a T-Shirt! 🥳Plan a coding birthday party! 🎓Gift a workshop…or two!

We have a whole range of goodies! 🎁

This holiday season, why not give the gift of a future #careerintech 🎓👩🏻‍💻💫

👉🏼We need your help to support our mission as we #teachgirls how to code.

📣Share the project and Donate now

Thank you 🏼

47 hours to go!! Sahana Betschen, instructor at GirlsCodeTooBy GirlsCodeToo, on 22/12/2021

🥁Only 47 hours to go 🥁

🔥 We still need to raise 2,362.- will we reach our goal? 🎯

⚡️Help us spread the word by sharing the campaign ❤️

🔆Sahana Betschen is currently doing her bachelor’s at ETH in Computer Science and is one of GirlsCodeToo instructors. She teaches in German, French, and English and has taught a variety of topics both in-person and virtually. She is a passionate student and teacher!

📣Sahana believes that initiatives like GirlsCodeToo are really important because role models in STEM and Engineering and Computer Science are super important for girls who are starting to figure out what they want to do. It is important for them to seethat women can also succeed in the field❗

📣Sahana explains that thanks to initiatives like GirlsCodeToo, she also had the opportunity to explore tech from early on: «When I was in middle school and elementary school, I had a bunch of experiences like camps and workshops and people who came and talked in our school and told us all about their jobs and how they got there and that really showed me that I can do it and that it’s possible.»

🎓Help us give the same opportunities to young girls and motivate them to choose a technical path! 👩🏻‍💻

🌸At GirlsCodeToo we choose inspiring young instructors studying in technical fields as girls can easily relate to them, but we also introduce them to industry professionals that further show them the path they may follow.

🌸GirlsCodeToo accompanies girls on a journey and we wish to continue doing this work in 2020!

2 Days to Go! David Cleres, co-founder of GirlsCodeTooBy GirlsCodeToo, on 21/12/2021

❗❗ We are at our final days of the crowdfunding 🎯

🥁 2 days to go! 🥁

🔆 David Cleres is a co-founder of GirlsCodeToo. He has spent his academic career in computer science and engineering where he has noticed a lack of women in his lectures and labs. He understands the importance of having #diversity of thought represented in academic discussions to bring in creativity and valuable perspective.

🔥 Exposing more girls to coding at an earlier age, guarantees more active involvement from them in universities and business in the future.

📣 Support us now, last chance!

3 Days to Go! Alicia Cesa Bianchi, co-founder of GirlsCodeTooBy GirlsCodeToo, on 20/12/2021

❗❗ 3 Days to go 🎯

⚡️Dear Backers, we have 3 days left, please donate and share the crowdfunding campaign to help us MAKE IT❗

🔆 Alicia Cesa Bianchi is one of the founding members of GirlsCodeToo. Like many of us, she was not exposed to coding and technology as interactive learning at a young age. Alicia is now on a mission to open this digital world to young girls creating a safe place for them to discover, explore and break the ice with tech.

📣 Alicia believes that it is fundamental that we work towards changing the societal stereotypes and we start creating a more gender-neutral and inclusive narrative.

📣 Alicia believes it is our responsibility as a society to provide everyone with the power of informed choice, and this is only possible by allowing girls to make their own experience with technology.

👀 Check out our website to learn more about the activities and mission of GirlsCodeToo.


5 Days to Go! Julia Ruprecht a volunteer at GurlsCodeTooBy GirlsCodeToo, on 18/12/2021

❗❗ 6 Days To Go ❗❗

🍀 The weekend is here, but the crowdfunding continues, and we have only 6 days to make it!

🧐 So what can you do?

🌟 Take a moment to share the crowdfunding campaign with your friends, colleagues and family!

⚡️ This is the last push, so get engaged and help us make it!

🔆 Julia Ruprecht is a intern at Red Hat and volunteer for GirlsCodeToo supporting the marketing team.

Julia always had a strong curiosity to coding, but did not have a supportive environment or role models that encouraged her to further explore this path.

She started studying business psychology, but now (literally in the past weeks 👏🏼🎉🍾) Julia has built up the courage and decided to take the leap and to change her studies to Computer Science 🎓👩🏻‍💻🏼

📣 Julia hopes that all young girls may have the option to make this choice earlier on in life by being supported by an environment that encourages them to explore what is typically portrayed as not for women.

📣 Julia believes that if she would have had access to workshops like the ones GirlsCodeToo offers, her path to become a computer scientist would have been clear from the beginning!

🎓 empowering girls from a young a age with tech skills is fundamental for their future choices in studies and career.

👉🏼 Help us spread the word of the work we do at GirlsCodeToo!

Thank you and happy Saturday 🥰

6 Days to Go❗ Edith Schnapper from the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW) By GirlsCodeToo, on 17/12/2021

🤩Only 6 more Days to go! 🥳

🍀Will we make it? help us spread the word❗

🔆 Edith Schnapper works at the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW) and is responsible for the promotion of young people in technology.

She is also in charge of the Swiss TecLadies program, which aims to attract more young girls to the technical and IT professions.

📣Contributing to a more open, tolerant, and inclusive world is one of her missions and the reason for her involvement as a board member of Girls Code Too.

You can also make a difference and help us bridge the gender gap in tech by empowering women from a young age!

👉🏼Donate and share the crowdfunding campaign ❤️

7 Days to Go! Julia Chatain doctoral student at ETH ZurichBy GirlsCodeToo, on 16/12/2021

❗❗ 7 Days To Go ❗❗

🍀Will we make it? We are certainly not giving up!

🔆 Julia Chatain is a Computer Science doctoral student at ETH Zürich between the Game Technology Center and the Professorship for Learning Sciences and Higher Education.

As part of the Future Learning Initiative, she builds virtual-reality tools to teach abstract mathematics making it more graspable. On the side, she participates in outreach initiatives like GirlsCodeToo to help teach mathematics and computer science to girls and young women.

📣Julia notices that the biggest issue for girls is confidence!

📣 Julia says that initiatives like GirlsCodeToo are important because they offer a safe space where girls can discover concepts of computer science. In this process, they learn, explore, fail, and iterate in a way where they feel comfortable.

📣 Julia believes that GirlsCodeToo does a particularly good job in creating activities that include creative elements and have a potential for transfer where participants can reuse what they learned at the workshop outside of the workshop.

Lastly, Julia encourages everyone to «educate ourselves and address our own biases in order to give better feedback and support to the girls»

👉🏼 So what are you waiting for? Support GirlsCodeToo and become part of the change now!

8 Days To Go! Stefano Brusoni professor at MTEC - ETH Zurich By GirlsCodeToo, on 15/12/2021

📣 8 Days To Go!

Share the campaign and help us reach our goal

🔆Stefano Brusoni is Professor of Technology and Innovation Management at ETH Zurich. Before and during his studies, he worked as a coder, served in the Fire Brigade, and did a variety of jobs. His path, no different than many others, was not linear.

He loves his job and teaching at ETH, but every time he teaches he is immediately confronted with the gender imbalance of his classes.

📣Stefano believes this is not the outcome of nature, but of how we educate people, what goals we set for them, and what kinds of expectations we impose on them!

📣Stefano believes we should be less imposing and more open-ended and give everyone the same opportunities.

Join us and help us bridge the gender gap which looms in technical universities and industries across Switzerland and beyond!

Become part of the change

9 Days To Go! Scilla Zischek from Pro Juventute on GirlsCodeTooBy GirlsCodeToo, on 14/12/2021

📣 9 Days To Go!

Help us reach our goal! you can do this by sharing the campaign with your friends and family. Every donation no matter how big or small helps us make it!

thank you!


🔆 Scilla ist Mitglied unseres Aufsichtsrats und zuständig für Jugendprogramme - sie unterstützt Mädchen beim Übergang von der Schule in das Berufsleben.

Ihr besonderes Augenmerk liegt auf der Vermittlung der Möglichkeiten, die sich durch Innovation, Digitalisierung und durch die Veränderungen auf dem Arbeitsmarkt, vor allem im MINT-Bereich, ergeben. Scilla ist mit grosser Leidenschaft mit dabei und bemüht sich, die positiven sozialen Auswirkungen und die Zugänglichkeit für alle gesellschaftlichen Gruppen, insbesondere für Mädchen und benachteiligte Jugendliche, zu stärken. ❤️

🔆 Scilla is a member of our Supervisory Board responsible for youth programs - supporting girls as they transition from school to work.

Her special focus is to convey the perspectives arising from innovation, digitalization, and changes in the labor market, especially in the STEM environment. Scilla has a passion for and strives to strengthen the positive social impact and accessibility for all social groups, especially for girls and disadvantaged youth. ❤️

What is your favourite design? By GirlsCodeToo, on 13/12/2021

Have you seen the two options we have for the printing of the merchandise?

Option 1: Girls with Computer Option 2: Minimalistics Lines

Which is your favorite? email us or comment letting us know which design you like best :)

10 Days to go!By GirlsCodeToo, on 13/12/2021

Dear All,

Thank you so much for the support you have given us and for believing in GirlsCodeToo project! We are truly grateful for your donations!

We have only 10 days to go and we are almost halfway towards our final goal. We ask you to please share with your friends, family, coworkers, old school teachers, professors, just anyone you think might be interested in supporting this project.

Thank you!

GirlsCodeToo team