The Erlkings: Franz & Ludwig

by The Erlkings

Vienna, London, and Naples

Join The Erlkings as they create their next studio recorded double-album, featuring Neapolitan mandolin virtuoso Marcello Smigliante Gentile and songs by Beethoven and Schubert!

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The Erlkings, Beethoven, and Schubert

After taking some time to recover from our big Schumann song-cycle project, The Erlkings are ready to invite you on their next Art Song Adventure! We couldn’t stay away from our beloved Franz Schubert for too long so we have already begun composing a new program, including some long awaited favourites like «Gretchen am Spinnrade» and «An die Musik». With encouragement from the Bayerische Rundfunk we have also been working on 12 new Beethoven songs, together with mandolin virtuoso Marcello Smigliante Gentile from Naples. The planned result will be an Erlkings double album production of Beethoven and Schubert songs the likes of which the world has never seen! (An example from our first Schubert album can be heard in the video below.)

Mandolin Virtuoso Marcello Smigliante Gentile

One of the most exciting aspects of this project for us will be collaborating on the Beethoven songs with mandolinist Marcello Smigliante Gentile. This is the first time we have invited a fifth musician to join us and we are so excited to hear the way Marcello’s Neapolitan style compliments The Erlkings. He is a very sought after musician in his home city of Naples where he is a member of several fantastic groups, including Suonno D’Ajere and Malhuma. Below is a video of Marcello (far right) playing with Malhuma.

Two Illustrators for Two Composers

One of the reasons we keep making CDs in this crazy digital age is because we absolutely LOVE working with artists and illustrators. They bring our albums to life with their ideas and help us to create a world for our music. For this double album project we’ve decided to ask TWO illustrators to work with us. One will be responsible for the Schubert elements and the other for Beethoven. Your participation in our crowdfunding gives us the opportunity to pay for both illustrators, as well as of course all of the other important expenses of an album production: Studio, Technicians, Mixing, Mastering, Printing, and Distribution.

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