We want to learn how to heal the earth - by combining the artistic and the agricultural. Support our first action: A program festival that aims to bring regenerative life into a mountain village!

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This is what it's all about.

We want to bring life into a little mountain village - and celebrate it! Indeed, one of the main motor of Clima Clowns is the concept of «regeneration», that is to say: the recovery of lost forces, or the utilization of already used.

The program Festival BORDEI IN FESTA will offer from 29.04.-01.05. social, cultural and agricultural activities in the beautiful village of Bordei, Ticino.

Join the workshop-weekend, which teaches you south american dance steps such as Cumbia and Capoeira. Go for the guided wild herb hike, taste and get introduced to our green and eatable heritage. Or try out new tricks and tools from the circus world in our circus-corner. Camp in the woods, overlooking the summit of Gridone. On Sunday you can watch at every corner a short performance of former and current students from the Accademia Teatro Dimitri (the physical theatre school, 30 minutes from Bordei) and a small market in the village center attracts with scents and handmade products. Marvel at the unique architecture of the village, discover art installations that tell you about the past. Enjoy the traditional Polenta in a typical Ticino Grottino and listen and dance to live-music from local bands as long as you can.

For us, it’s about letting the local connect with the current.

  • Entrance Bordei
    Entrance Bordei
  • Band Ajelé from Locarno
    Band Ajelé from Locarno
  • Spring´22 in Bordei Show: MY HOMELAND IS A SUITCASE
    Spring´22 in Bordei Show: MY HOMELAND IS A SUITCASE
  • Performance 2022 «My homeland is a suitcase»
    Performance 2022 «My homeland is a suitcase»


The event BORDEI IN FESTA came from the thought that rural areas offer space and can host «diversity». This is why we want to create a unique platform to meet, celebrate and exchange through different activities. Students, saisonners, mountain farmers, neighbors, guests, oldcomers and newcomers - will be reunited for a joyful common moment.

Bordei has been rebuilt from ruins through decades of social projects. The result is a potential and beautiful place in which one can practice community in order to understand the big social questions, such as - how do we make rural habitats habitable again? The village is representative of the phenomenon of rural exodus and it is also a placeholder for a vision of the future: protecting, maintaining and passing on the cultural heritage.

The village Bordei from above
The village Bordei from above

Your financial support

Goes to helpers, artists, workshop leaders who will work at BORDEI IN FESTA. Their dedication makes this event possible. They invest their hearts, their time and skills, therefore we are keen to compensate their effort also with money.

In addition, the festival organizers believe in a culture of «all for all» and decided to waive an entrance fee. We offer food and all kinds of drinks, we maintain material, rental invoices and fees, insurance premiums, travel costs, etc. We will make good use of your financial contribution, regardless of the amount of your investment.

  • Grottino 2022
    Grottino 2022
  • Grottino 2022
    Grottino 2022
  • Band KETTENFETT barn-concert 2022
    Band KETTENFETT barn-concert 2022
  • Performance in the barn 2022
    Performance in the barn 2022
  • Band Ajelé 2022
    Band Ajelé 2022
  • fotography project «winter» 2021
    fotography project «winter» 2021