With this project, you can support Yannick Demaria and Nara Valsangiacomo's campaign for the 2023 Ticino cantonal elections.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 21/3/2023

Climate justice and social justice!

For us and our political forces, joining the list ’Socialisti e Verdi’ for the Government is a fundamental decision that allows us to look toward the future, investing all our efforts in combining climate justice and social justice. The Left as a whole must oppose the absurd effects caused by a right-wing majority increasingly homologated to neo-liberal policies: growing inequality, wage dumping, worsening working and living conditions, lack of gender equality, lack of respect for people’s fundamental rights, systemic racism, pollution and fragmentation of land and the environment, inefficiency in fighting the climate emergency, with its obvious and foreseeable consequences in our country and around the world. There has already been serious - and increasingly frequent - damage in the countryside, in the city, in the mountains, caused by drought, lack of snow and extreme hydrogeological phenomena. Central for us is the opportunity to bring a young voice, close to the territory, representing those who are aware of the importance of these challenges and are calling for courageous decisions to promote the well-being of the population and the environment! We are committed to a more sustainable and social Ticino, where it is possible to live, work, study and take care of oneself in the best possible way, commuting easily and sustainably, and where there is no discrimination or exclusion of any kind.

Why do we fundraise?

Ours is a grassroots campaign and is based on listening to the needs of the territory. It starts in the regions we know well and branches out to the rest of the canton. We are young and our resources are commitment and great motivation. However, a campaign that wants to be widespread and effective also needs a minimum of financial base. This is to design and print flyers, sponsor our thematic posts on social platforms, organise small election events and pay for the public transport rides that will take us around during this campaign. We have no lobbies or boards to which we are accountable and we do not receive, as in other parties, any kind of direct or indirect subsidies. It is precisely because of the (fundamental) principle of transparent financing in politics that we ask for your support and your free contribution. As you will see, it is possible to contribute by choosing from specific individual donations, but also by offering a free amount without indicating its precise destination. Obviously, donations made in the latter form will be divided equally between the two of us and exclusively for this campaign.

Jungen Grünen
Jungen Grünen

Transparency is key!

Even a small budget like ours must respect the basic principle of transparency. For us, all people who run for office, as well as elected representatives who receive funding or remuneration, must declare its origin. For this reason, unless explicitly requested otherwise, the names of people who support us will be published. In any case, we will not accept anonymous donations exceeding CHF 500.

As of now, we thank you very much, because any help will be very useful and very welcome!