Caspar von Nebenan brings his first EP. Six songs, five students and no money. Caspar needs you to make the publication possible and to reach as many ears as possible.

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Caspar von Nebenan EP

The singer/songwriter Lia Neff founded a band with five heads that couldn’t be more different. The band has now set their songs to music in a one-week studio session. She and her band will present the result at EL Lokal on March 26th, 2023. Be part of this project and support their music through this crowdfunding.

Who we are

30 degrees, two fully packed cars, ten bare feet on a cold stone floor and ten busy hands. Caspar next door trying to convert a dusty living room somewhere into his own recording studio. Three electric shocks, five days and a few sleepless nights later, six selected songs are in the can.

With accordion (Florian Pezzatti), violin (Jonas Ebnöther), drums (Dominik Läuchli), double bass power and vocals (Dimitri and Lia Neff), an unconventional indie pop/folk sound with courage for dynamics, virtuoso solos and mixed up with a touch of klezmer. In word-painterly texts, the five classical and jazz students invite you to dive into foreign emotional worlds with them, to sink into a love of life and to swing your dance leg again and again. With wit and a lot of passion, the band wants to exchange trivial everyday phenomena up to current political issues and personal experiences with the listeners. Last year they performed at the Winterthur Music Festival, the Lauter Festival, Helsinki, Werk 21 and many other events and venues in German-speaking Switzerland.

What we have done

In an old stone house in northern Italy, they recorded six selected songs that were created last year in order to finally make them accessible online. It was important to them to keep their acoustically influenced sound and its authenticity, a bit dirty. By standing in a circle in the living room and recording the songs in one-takes, they managed to capture the feeling of the live performance, the intimate interaction and the associated uniqueness of each take.

The EP «Im Irgendwo» will be released on March 24th on the Lauter Musik label and will be christened on March 26th at El Lokal Zürich. The single «Traum» and the accompanying music video will be released on February 24th.

They are currently looking for funding agencies and foundations that will provide financial support to publish this project. This would include all costs associated with an album release (mixing, mastering, artwork, band photos etc).