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  • CHF 20.-121 taken

    Association's bookmarkä

    A bookmark featuring an animal from the sanctuary, designed by talented graphic artist Mélanie Sunier

  • CHF 50.-21 / 25 taken

    Intimate concert w/ Joachimä

    Joachim Fatio is a poetic voice and committed rhymes, which will rock you during an intimate concert evening at the Matrice (Frenières-sur-Bex) on June 3, 2022. An artist with a big heart, who will undoubtedly melt yours!

  • CHF 50.-56 / 56 taken

    Association's backpackä

    Lightweight fabric bag with a beautiful design of the sanctuary's animals, created by dedicated graphic designer Judski

  • CHF 60.-48 taken

    Card game with the animals ä

    A fun and personalized card game featuring the animals of the Co&xister sanctuary, created by the artist Judski. You'll have fun and be moved by the beautiful looks of these individuals with character!

  • CHF 100.-59 taken

    Two books for childrenä

    The incredible story of Priya the hen and Bhutsy the pig, written for children by Pierrick Destraz, co-founder of the association Coexister, who will write a personalized dedication! Please note that the books are only available in French.

  • CHF 120.-5 / 5 taken

    Women circleä

    Is sharing among women in a safe healing setting calling you? Camille Viennet will welcome 5 of you in one of the circles she organizes in Morges (VD), which she offers with her heart to accompany you in your journey. A good gift to offer yourself or to offer to a woman to whom this setting would be good for you!

  • CHF 120.-15 / 15 taken

    Sound bath+vegan aperitifä

    Let yourself be carried away by the voice and magical instruments of Charlotte de Perrot, founder of the association La Matrice, who will take you on a journey to a space of well-being and serenity! She will also offer you a colorful and tasty plant-based aperitif. The ideal counterpart to make you feel good (or to make a loved one feel good!), and to let yourself be carried away by the sweetness of this wonderful place!

  • CHF 140.-12 / 12 taken

    Two animalist booksä

    «Dairy industry, an open wound to suture?», essay written by Virginia Markus, co-founder of the association Coexister, and «The cows are crying», book written by Jean-Marc Charrière, former farmer turned to an animalist activist, both signed exclusively! Please note that the books are only available in French.

  • CHF 150.-4 / 4 taken

    Massages for womenä

    What could be better than contributing to a great cause, while doing yourself good? Tchinspirit Institute in Aigle (VD) offers 4 massages of 60min to women in support of our project. Book your session now!

  • CHF 160.-4 / 4 taken

    Ayurvedic massageä

    What could be more pleasant than letting your body soothe itself with a therapeutic massage, while supporting the sanctuary’s pigs? «L’Amé» bio-aesthetic institute in Lausanne offers 4 ayurvedic massages to the lucky ones who will offer themselves this beautiful gift, while contributing to the happiness of the animals of the sanctuary!

  • CHF 180.-2 / 4 taken

    Healing massageä

    With Magali Giacometti, you will experience a new kind of massage. In addition to working on your body in depth, Magali will help you release the memories of your muscles, to help them heal over time. You will have the choice of the type of massage you will find on her website ( - Morges VD), and the counterparty allows you a one hour treatment to make you feel good in a lasting way, while directly supporting the wellbeing of the pigs of the sanctuary!

  • CHF 180.-5 / 5 taken

    Ethical and gourmet basketä

    A beautiful basket filled by the bulk grocery store «Basic» in Lausanne, which will treat you to many products to discover and taste. An organic and vegan body cream from «Chrys&Crane» will be included in the package!

  • CHF 200.-4 / 4 taken

    Solidarity tattoosä

    4 flash tattoos inspired by the animals of the sanctuary, to offer to your skin or to a friend's skin! The artist Prana Ink in Fribourg will be happy to engrave them, in support of our project. Check out the designs on our Instagram and Facebook pages!

  • CHF 200.-6 / 6 taken

    Menstrual panties+headbandä

    A menstrual panty «Gaya Swiss» and a winter headband for the ears of the Valaisan brand «Tarawen», made with love for you, by women committed to animals!

  • CHF 400.-3 / 3 taken

    Duduk with cowsä

    Have you ever heard the vibration of this very special flute, the «Duduk»? If this instrument makes you travel, jump on the opportunity to learn how to tame it, thanks to an initiation offered by Michèle. This limited offer gives you the initiation AND the instrument! And because the cows of the sanctuary love to vibrate to the sound of music, this special initiation will take place alongside them!

  • CHF 400.-5 / 6 taken

    Royal cheese platterä

    A royal platter of vegan cheeses from the Swiss brand «New Roots», to delight your taste buds and make your friends enjoy it!

  • CHF 500.-4 taken

    Mindfulness with the animalsä

    A special morning of «mindfulness» with the animals of the sanctuary, followed by a tasting of «New Roots» cheeses. You will leave with stars in your eyes, and with a gift of the book «Zoos: The Nightmare of Life in Captivity» of Derrick Jensen (in French) !
    The meeting will take place on June 5, 2022.

  • CHF 800.-0 / 1 taken

    Electric wheelbarrow + visitä

    A unique counterpart! We’re selling our Makita electric wheelbarrow, which we’ve only used a handful of times, for the benefit of the sanctuary... and which will probably be much more useful to one of you! When you pick it up, we'll give you a special tour of the sanctuary. You will leave with a tool that will save your strength, stars in your eyes and a heart full of joy. What an opportunity !

  • CHF 1’200.-3 taken

    First Aid Trainingä

    A special one-day workshop offered by Virginia Markus, which will allow you to learn about routine care and first aid for animals, with a plant-based snack, special practice time with the animals and a gift bag from the association!

  • CHF 2’500.-2 taken

    Sponsor a pigä

    Contribute to the food, bedding and veterinary expenses of a pig of the sanctuary, for a whole year! A privileged visit to the sanctuary to meet your godchild and the other inhabitants of the place, the sharing of a vegan fondue from «New Roots» in our company, as well as the printing of the portrait of the sponsored animal are included in this incredible compensation!