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  • CHF 19.-12 taken

    Solidarity contributionä

    Every contribution counts! And for that, we'll send you a warm thank you by mail to your mailbox.

  • CHF 25.-17 / 20 taken

    Sweet semolinaä

    You like a quick, sweet snack? Perfect, because the sweet corn semolina porridge, produced by the Bruhin family in the canton of Schwyz, is ready in just five minutes!

  • CHF 45.-44 / 50 taken

    Zurich Mostbröckli (organic)ä

    «Mostbröckli» from the canton of Zurich? You heard right. And it tastes even better than it sounds! The meat comes from the cows of the Abderhalden family in Gibswil ZH.

  • CHF 50.-6 taken

    Tsüri ABC Food Guideä

    How well do you know Zurich's food scene? The online city magazine tsü has found a food - made in Zurich - for (almost) every letter of the alphabet and compiled the local trouvailles on a beautifully illustrated poster, the «Tsüri-ABC». The colorful poster invites you to discover and is perfect for hanging up in the kitchen.

  • CHF 70.-8 / 12 taken

    Aktive snack mix (vegan)ä

    So that you don't run out of energy: walnuts, dried fruits and «Quittenpästli» give you power for the whole day! Produced by the Demeter farm «Natürlich Schwarz» in Tägerwilen TG.

  • CHF 100.-6 / 12 taken

    Colorful grain mixä

    The Radhof in Marthalen ZH produces various special grains in organic quality and this variety is also an experience in terms of taste! With this reward you get a special spelt flour, red grain pasta and emmer pasta.

  • CHF 100.-12 / 12 taken

    Hummus gourmet set (vegan)ä

    The oriental chickpea specialty is now available completely made of Swiss ingredients. And it's 100% organic and vegan! You get a hummus set from Fabas and can try through four different varieties: Turnip & Chili, Herb, Beetroot & Horseradish and Classic. To be picked up at Gallusstrasse 6, 8006 Zurich.

  • CHF 100.-3 / 15 taken

    After-work farm tourä

    Enough work for today! On the after-work tour of the organic farm Riedenholzhof in Zurich Seebach, the focus is on enjoyment and you will taste the buffalo products. Date: 05.10.22 at 17.30, duration: approx. 1 hour. Tour in German.

  • CHF 100.-1 taken

    Subscription for Agriculturaä

    Always well informed: The magazine of the Kleinbauern-Vereinigung «Agricultura» is sent to you four times and offers current information in the areas of agricultural policy, farming and consumption. The magazine is bilingual (German & French).

  • CHF 150.-4 / 10 taken

    Hike to Glarner Alpziger Alpä

    Beautiful, guided hike to the Glarner Alpziger Alp Änziunen-Rauti, Näfels incl. Alpziger degustation (special cow milk cheese) and aperitif on 25.06.23. A unique nature and taste experience! Conducted in all weather conditions. Duration: approx. 3 hours. Tour in German.

  • CHF 150.-10 / 25 taken

    Cookbook Schweizer Alpkücheä

    What is the Swiss alpine cuisine? Find out with the cookbook by Margrit Abderhalden! And soon you'll make delicious dishes made from the best fresh alpine products and storable foods that are on hand on the alp and at home. The cookbook is in German (and a great opportunity to improve your German language skills ).

  • CHF 150.-7 / 20 taken

    Sausage&cheese box (organic)ä

    The specialties from the Aderhalden family in Gibswil ZH are a treat for all cheese and sausage lovers. The package contains two different dried sausages and three special cheeses (mild and strong-tasting).

  • CHF 185.-3 / 10 taken

    Farm tour with cheese fondueä

    After the guided tour on the organic farm and through the cheese dairy Niderhus of family Abderhalden in Gibswil ZH there will be a homemade cheese fondue in a cozy atmosphere. Date: 29.10.22. Tour in German.

  • CHF 250.-7 / 20 taken

    Alpomat Gourmet-Boxä

    We will send you a box with various cheese and meat specialties, sweet and salty snacks, preserves and a refreshment directly by mail. So you can taste your way through the Alpomat product range. Enjoy and «En Guete»!

  • CHF 400.-2 / 3 taken

    Farm tour & dinner for twoä

    The organic farm Mausacker in Steinebrunn SG is known for its fruit trees, the farm's own cidery and the cozy farm restaurant. After an exciting guided tour, you and your companion can experience the Mausacker cuisine for yourself with a lunch or dinner. Date freely selectable on a Wednesday or Saturday (in consultation with the Mausacker farm). Tour in German.

  • CHF 600.-0 / 2 taken

    Horse ride for twoä

    Is the greatest happiness on earth for you sitting in the saddle of a horse? Then we have the right thing for you: The Radhof in Marthalen ZH will take you and your companion on a horse ride through nature. Date by arrangement. Duration: approx. 1.5 hours. Instructions in German.

  • CHF 999.-1 / 10 taken

    Alpomat patronageä

    With an Alpomat patronage you send a strong signal that it is possible to produce food sustainably and fairly for the environment, producers and consumers. As a thank you, all patrons are listed by name on the Alpomat side wall within a plaque. Implementation by the end of 2022 on all 10 Alpomats in the city of Zurich for at least one year.

  • CHF 1’800.-1 / 3 taken

    Exclusive farm experienceä

    An experience day of a special kind for you and your friends or family! You spend half a day on the organic farm of the Abderhalden family in Gibswil and learn about everyday life on the farm and in the cheese dairy. You will also feast on the variety of products of the farm and the cheese dairy (lunch and snack). Of course, you will also receive a basket full of products to take home. For 5 people, date selectable in coordination with the Abderhalden family. Tour in German.