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  • CHF 30.-3 taken

    Thank you cardä

    You will receive a personally handwritten thank you card from the Animal Rights March organisation team.

  • CHF 30.-12 taken

    Animal Rights March Stickerä

    We will send you 3 beautifully designed Animal Rights March stickers directly to your home.

  • CHF 40.-2 taken

    Coffee & Cakeä

    A delicious coffee, cappuccino or latte macchiato accompanying a mouthwatering piece of cake... all this you will receive at the Hello Vegan Shop in Uster. We don’t have to mention that it’s all vegan - do we?

  • CHF 50.-19 / 20 taken

    Animal Rights March Posterä

    We will create a unique Animal Rights March poster for you, which you can proudly carry at the March.

  • CHF 60.-15 / 30 taken

    Animal Rights March Totebagä

    Get your very own Animal Rights March totebag.

  • CHF 70.-0 / 1 taken

    Ear Candle Treatmentä

    In need of relaxation and stress relief? The quiet burning of the ear candle is deeply relaxing and helps to relieve stress. At the same time, the treatment gently cleans your ears and helps to regulate the pressure in your nose and throat. Enjoy this wellness goodie offered by Veel Good Zurich valued at CHF 50.

  • CHF 80.-2 / 5 taken

    Cherry Tree Power Napä

    Visit Hof Narr during the cherry harvest, enjoy deliciously sweet cherries directly from the tree and have a relaxing nap in the cooling shade under the trees.

  • CHF 100.-21 / 30 taken

    Animal Rights March T-Shirtä

    You will receive an official Animal Rights March Zürich t-shirt in your preferred size from S to XL and in black or white.

  • CHF 100.-1 / 5 taken

    Tuck the Ducks into Bedä

    The ducks at Hof Narr are an amusing group and putting them to bed at the end of the day is a fun and touching experience. It is quite something to watch how they all line up at the edge of their pond and then march into their house. Tick this experience off of your bucket list!

  • CHF 120.-0 / 5 taken

    Meeting with Bertrandä

    Bertrand le Beau, the rooster at Hof Narr has not only a very impressive appearance but he also has a lot to tell. And if you dare, he will pick salad, cucumber or apple directly from your hand, not forgetting to give a big piece to his dear hen ladies. Meet Bertrand in Hof Narr's garden and be inspired by his powerful personality.

  • CHF 120.-3 / 5 taken

    Coffee with Haileyä

    Meet the wonderful turkey lady Hailey in her garden at Hof Narr and have a cup of coffee while she picks cucumber or lettuce from your hands. Rest assured that Hailey will reveal all the latest gossip from her chicken friends.

  • CHF 140.-1 / 5 taken

    Goat herdingä

    The goats at Hof Narr are a lively bunch. And they would love to integrate you into their meadow games. One of their favourite games is: can I chomp on the tree before you notice? Your full concentration is required and in their games you will get to know your real fitness level for sure. Take this goodie and have a lot of fun with the goats.

  • CHF 150.-0 / 1 taken

    Sugar Waxing at Veel Goodä

    Receive an exclusive sugar paste hair removal for either your armpits or lower legs, valued at CHF 120. Experience the gentle plant-based treatment at Veel Good in Zurich and enjoy the long-lasting smoothness. This is the perfect summer goodie!

  • CHF 150.-1 / 2 taken

    Personal Poemä

    If you follow Hof Narr, you are also familiar with their deeply touching poems and texts. If you are one of 2 lucky donors choosing this goodie, you will receive your own personal poem about a topic of your choice.

  • CHF 150.-2 / 5 taken

    First Row at the Marchä

    The honour of carrying our stunning Animal Rights Banner is much sought-after. You will be in the first row at the Animal Rights March and can help to carry the official banner.

  • CHF 150.-6 / 10 taken

    TCRBV Kitä

    TCRBV stands for That Cannot Really Be Vegan. Hello Vegan will prepare a package for you with vegan specialties that will really amaze you. You will receive the kit with goods in the value of at least 50 Francs directly at your door.

  • CHF 180.-2 taken

    Pony Wellnessä

    A wonderful experience for horse lovers of all ages. With a donation of CHF 180 you can bathe and groom one of the lovely ponies at Hof Narr. Jessy and Maik are already looking forward to meeting you!

  • CHF 200.-1 / 1 taken

    Veel Good Facial Treatment ä

    Enjoy a relaxing 1.5 hours of facial treatment with cleansing, peeling, deep cleaning or eyebrow shaping, serum and mask, as well as a massage and finishing treatment. The completely vegan treatment is offered by Veel Good in Zurich and has a value of CHF 180.

  • CHF 200.-0 / 5 taken

    Meditate with the Chickensä

    The wonderful chicken personalities at Hof Narr invite you to meditate in the middle of their flock. Just be, feel their good spirits and be touched by their profound personalities.

  • CHF 250.-0 / 6 taken

    Godparent of a Chickenä

    You always wanted to be godfather or godmother of a chicken? Donate for our campaign and sponsor a chicken lady at Hof Narr for a full year.

  • CHF 300.-3 / 5 taken

    2 Tickets August 1 Brunchä

    The 1st of August Brunch at Hof Narr is legendary and the tickets are always quickly sold out. Secure two tickets before they even go on sale to the public (valued at CHF 130 for both tickets).

  • CHF 350.-0 / 5 taken

    Walk with the Poniesä

    A real highlight for all fans of cute ponies. The ponies from Hof Narr are happy if you decide to take a walk with them on the beautiful walkways around their home.

  • CHF 350.-1 / 5 taken

    Walk with the Goatsä

    Go on an unforgettable walk with the goats from Hof Narr. The goats will need your full attention as they'll try to eat anything along the way. Full concentration on the goats - the perfect experience for all of you who urgently need to switch off and relax.

  • CHF 400.-0 / 5 taken

    Meet & Greet the Pigsä

    You will have the possibility to have a private Meet & Greet with the pig personalities from Hof Narr. Philosophize with Tobi, race with Tiffy and Kona or just enjoy some cuddles with Bo or Mimi in the straw.

  • CHF 400.-0 / 5 taken

    2 Tickets for Thanksgivingä

    At Hof Narr we celebrate thanksgiving together with the turkeys. There will be a sumptuous buffet with all different kinds of delicious cruelty-free food. Bring a guest and join us as we celebrate Autumn and the joy of life. Value of CHF 150 for both tickets.

  • CHF 1’500.-0 / 1 taken

    A Day at the Sanctuaryä

    Enjoy an unforgettable day at the Lebenshof Tiermensch. You can bring 3 dear ones with you and get to know the animals, help feeding and cleaning and have a walk with some of the animals to a meadow nearby. The day lasts from 9:00 to 17:00 and includes a tasty cruelty-free lunch.

  • CHF 2’000.-0 / 1 taken

    Bathing with the Pigsä

    Are you an adventure seeker? How many people can say they have taken a mud bath with pigs? They may be big, but they are gentle and would love to share their bathtime fun with you. Hof Narr will open the pig pen exclusively for you. A really unique experience!

  • CHF 3’000.-0 / 1 taken

    Grill Party for 10ä

    For your fabulous generosity Lebenshof Tiermensch and Hello Vegan will organise a private grill party for you and 9 of your friends. Enjoy a delicious cruelty-free Barbecue including drinks.

  • CHF 3’000.-0 / 1 taken

    Narrbecue for 10ä

    For your fabulous generosity Hof Narr and Hello Vegan will organise a private grill party for you and 9 of your friends. Enjoy a delicious Narrbecue including drinks.