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  • EUR 10.-0 taken


    You will receive 3 different autographs dedicated to you and a thank you note for your participation per post!

  • EUR 25.-3 taken


    Thank you! You will receive a customized video message as a thank you for your support via email!

  • EUR 50.-6 taken


    Thank you! We will send you one of our Echo-award winning Vivaldi Reflections CDs, as well as 3 different dedicated autographs per post!

  • EUR 100.-6 taken


    Thank you for your support! We will send you a dedicated thank you note and invite you to join our «Anonymous – was a woman» concert with a free ticket!

  • EUR 150.-3 taken


    Thank you so much! We will send you 1x ticket for our concert (Klavierduo Ferhan & Ferzan Önder) in the Berlin Philharmonie on the 29.5.2016 and look forward to meeting you in person for a drink after the concert backstage!

  • EUR 250.-1 taken


    Many thanks for your generous contribution! We look forward to sharing our tips & tricks with you during a piano lesson in Vienna followed by a traditional Turkish tea together!

  • EUR 500.-1 / 2 taken


    Super! It will be our pleasure to present you with one of our favorite concert outfits hope that you will enjoy wearing it!

  • EUR 555.-0 / 2 taken


    Thank you! Great! You get a Vivaldi Reflections box with an original cover foto outfit (Versace), a piano keyboard used for the photo shoot and a Vivaldi Reflections CD!

  • EUR 750.-1 taken


    Super! Thank you! More tips & tricks – we will give you 5 piano lessons in Vienna, suitable for your level. Playing the piano and developing your skills should be fun – we are happy to help you along the way!

  • EUR 1.500.-0 / 1 taken


    Wow! Thank you! Your contribution to the making of this project will be forever noted in the printed edition of the commissioned music by the Persian composer Roodabe Shamloo – your name, as well as a personal dedicated thank you note will be published in the acknowledgements! Congratulations!

  • EUR 2.000.-1 taken


    Thank you! We would love to play for you and for your guests a private recital! We require a good piano in a good condition. we can discuss travel expenses beforehand. We really looking forward to playing for you!

  • EUR 3.000.-2 / 4 taken


    We are very thankful for your very generous contribution! Your name, as well as a dedicated thank you note will be included in all of the acknowledgements of the forthcoming printed music scores! Let us celebrate this together!

  • EUR 4.000.-0 taken


    Wow thank you! We would love to play for you at a private recital!
    You can choose between a piano recital or a private concert and you can even choose the venue or concert hall. We require a grand piano in good condition, we can discuss travel expenses beforehand. We will bring 20 signed CDs and, of course, autographed cards as well! We really look forward to playing for you!