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  • CHF 50.- «CAFFEINE HIGH» GIFT BOX 4 / 10 takenä


    Whether you are an overzealous coffee aficionado or simply eager to learn more about specialty coffee, this box is for you! You will receive one bag of VERTICAL coffee beans (espresso or filter), a cool mug, a gift voucher, and a very nice surprise!

  • CHF 50.- «I LOVE TEA» GIFT BOX 8 / 10 takenä


    You will receive a gift box containing a beautiful tin of festive tea from Betjeman & Barton, as well as a special mug, an indispensable tea-making accessory to prepare exquisite teas, a gift voucher, plus a cool surprise!

  • CHF 70.- IN VINO VERITAS | FOR 2 3 / 10 takenä


    Find a good friend and come on over for a blind tasting of 6 splendid wines from Lavaux and Valais! Enjoy this light-hearted moment and learn more about two gorgeous wine regions, or give the gift of joie de vivre to people who might need some! Wine will be served with a big platter of local food for you to nibble on and thrill your taste buds!
    [Please enjoy our delicious wines joyfully and responsibly. / Valid for 2 people aged 16+ until 10.31.2018]

  • CHF 70.- BEER FLIGHT | FOR 2 2 / 10 takenä


    Treat yourself and a friend or colleague to a fun-filled discovery session and enjoy a flight of 2x4 regional artisanal brews that are rich in stories (and flavors, of course!) and full of character. They will be served with a platter of local food for you to nibble on and thrill your taste buds with!

    [Artisanal beers from Vaud provided by Dr. Gab's; artisanal beers from the Jura courtesy of BFM / Valid for 2 people aged 16+ until 10.31.2018 / Please drink happily and wisely!]

  • CHF 80.- APEROTHERAPY 2 / 10 takenä


    Reach out in times of need and we'll help you! Reserve a table for a funky apéro for 4 people. You will receive:
    * One drink per person or a special pitcher for 4 (excl. spirits/liquors) or a bottle of wine
    * A big platter of local specialties and delicious nibbles to share with your buddies!

    [Valid for 4 people aged 16+ until 10.31.2018 / You may of course purchase several Aperotherapy vouchers if your group is larger.]

  • CHF 100.- YOGA MOVES SPECIAL! 0 takenä


    With this offer, if you are a member of the Yoga Moves studio in Nyon, you will receive 15% off any hot or cold, alcohol-free drink, all day, every day. We also give you 10% off all of our homemade food!

    [Valid for 12 months after your first visit / On site or to go / Proof of studio membership required]

  • CHF 100.- TEA FOR TWO 4 takenä


    Indulge in an exquisite afternoon tea, in great company... with a special Blue Lotus twist! Enjoy a moment out of time with our outstanding selection of Betjeman & Barton teas and Cécile’s homemade treats! A complimentary flute of La Comtesse A. brut or rosé champagne will delight you upon arriving at the tea house (only if you’re 16 or older).

    [Valid for 2 people until 12.31.2018]

  • CHF 125.- #VENTISCHMENTI 0 takenä


    Blue Lotus is dedicated to bringing you joy, whether your heart skips a beat for the perfect flat white or longs for a latte macchiato, whether you’re looking for a traditional, homemade chai or a simply remarkable cappuccino. If you’d rather unwind with a top-quality tea from a remote garden or spend a few minutes smelling our decadent hot cocoa, we're going to get along just fine! The #VentiSchmenti package includes 25 vouchers for 20 hot or cold gourmet drinks (coffee-, tea- or cocoa-based) and 5 homemade treats (pies, tarts, cakes, etc.)

    [Valid for 1 year following activation of offer / On site or to go]

  • CHF 200.- DEATH BEFORE DECAF 0 takenä


    If you can’t function without your morning coffee or that nice little espresso after lunch... If you can’t live without tea at any hour of the day... Look no further! With this special offer, you will be able to order one espresso, any black coffee or one of our premium teas every day for a full year. You also get 10% off every alcohol-free drink in the café! Come on, start exploring!

    [Valid for 1 year following activation of offer / On site only]

  • CHF 222.- STUDENT SPECIAL! 0 takenä


    If you’re a junior high, high school or university student, you’ll want to snatch one of these cool booklets before they vanish! You'll get 20 vouchers for a nice lunch offer: 1 Le Pie artisanal pie or 1 fresh/grilled sandwich + 1 snack + 1 alcohol-free drink, and a few surprises!
    [Valid for 1 year after your first purchase / Students only, no age limit / Proof of status required]

  • CHF 225.- GIFT BASKET 0 / 12 takenä


    Give in to temptation and gleefully splurge on this splendid assortment of products from our phenomenal providers and small regional producers! From coffee and tea to chocolate, wine, beer, champagne, honey or cheese, plus a few treats prepared by Cécile herself, you will be absolutely delighted!
    [Ships via La Poste in Switzerland and neighboring France, or may be personally delivered if you live close enough to Blue Lotus!]

  • CHF 240.- JAVA CLUB SUBSCRIPTION 6 MO 0 takenä


    Treat yourself to a 6-month Blue Lotus Java Club subscription! Each month, you will receive 3 bags of freshly roasted VERTICAL specialty coffee beans (espresso or filter -- you pick!). We will also send you a gift in your first package, and a few surprises now and then! Your coffee beans will arrive safely in the mail every 30 days. You may also claim a 10% discount on food and beverage items when you visit the tea house!

    [Valid for 6 months following activation of offer / Applies to all food items and alcohol-free beverages]

  • CHF 240.- TEA CLUB SUBSCRIPTION 6 MO 0 takenä


    Pamper yourself with a 6-month subscription to the Blue Lotus Tea Club! Each month, you will receive 3 bags of 3 different loose-leaf Betjeman & Barton teas. We will also send you classic or funky accessories to make your brewing experience fun, as well as a few surprises! Your tea will arrive in the mail directly at home and you can also claim a 10% discount on food and beverage items when you visit the tea house!

    [Valid for 6 months following activation of offer / Applies to all food items and alcohol-free beverages]

  • CHF 250.- DR. FEELGOOD Rx 0 takenä


    If you’re more into healthy salads, homemade soups, fresh fruit or veggie juice, iced green tea, vitamins and superfoods, then you’ve found your happiness! With this Dr. Feelgood Rx offer, you will receive 25 special vouchers, to be used on any of our food and non-alcoholic beverages. This is the best option for athletes, vegetarians, vegans, but also anyone who is health-conscious, yet enjoying all the flavors of life... Just what the Doctor ordered!

  • CHF 250.- BLUE LOTUS TRAVELOGUE 0 takenä


    Choose this unmissable offer for yourself or a loved one! It's filled with 25 special vouchers: free specialty coffees or premium teas, free hot or cold drinks (incl. fresh fruit juices), complimentary lunches, funky apéro for 2, special tastings of regional wines and beers, a bottle of pure happiness, lots of free goodies, invitations to exclusive events, plus a few surprises!
    [Valid for 1 year following activation of offer / On site only]

  • CHF 300.- DISCOVER BLUE LOTUS 0 takenä


    Delight your senses at Blue Lotus, or share a bit of happiness if you prefer! With this cool Discovery offer, you will receive -- or have an opportunity to share -- 10 lunch deals (1 salad or 1 soup + 1 artisanal pie by Le Pie or 1 sandwich of the day + 1 alcohol-free drink + 1 coffee), as well as 10 gourmet drinks (cappuccino, mocha, chai, flat white, latte macchiato, etc.), on site or to go, plus 5 freshly made fruit juices or iced coffee/tea drinks.
    [Valid for 1 year following activation of offer / On site only]

  • CHF 500.- TEA PARTY 1 takenä


    If you’re trying to organize a great, memorable birthday party in an offbeat setting where great drinks and scrumptious food rule, Blue Lotus is THE place for you! We will throw a fabulous party for your child and his/her friends. We’ll provide the cake and alcohol-free beverages, and throw in a bottle of La Comtesse A. champagne for anyone above 16!

    [12 people max, adults and children included / Duration: 2 hours / Reservation required / Conditions available upon request]

  • CHF 600.- VIP 50% OFF SPECIAL 0 takenä


    Do not even hesitate about this VERY special offer! This gives you a 50% discount on your orders for an entire year! The offer is valid for EVERYTHING in the café, except alcohol, coffee/tea subscriptions, and items for sale in the boutique corner. No surprises, no loopholes or hidden clauses. Jump on this now, as quantities are limited!

  • CHF 1’500.- PARTY TIME! 2 takenä


    Reserve the entire café for your next private event, whether it's an office party, a special birthday, or a holiday party with friends! We will take care of the ambiance and provide food and beverages for all. * Options: wine, beer, cider, champagne, mocktails and other alcohol-free drinks
    [15 people max / Reservations required / Conditions available upon request]

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