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Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

Back with reward

  • CHF 11.- Herbal tea + booklet 9 / 200 takenä

    Herbal tea + booklet

    A sachet of mixed herbs from our garden for herbal teas (sage, rosemary, mint, lavender ...) AND the Ecopol booklet (the Smala method for co-creating ecovillages) of 48 pages with a summary of our approach, our history, our methods and 24 pages of A5 photo illustrations.
    Sent by CH / EU post.

  • CHF 31.- Eco-Brunch with concert 11 / 100 takenä

    Eco-Brunch with concert

    A brunch in the ecovillage, with a salad buffet, sandwiches and several intimate acoustic mini-concerts. Excluding drinks.
    Date: Sunday August 30 11 am-3:30pm
    A 2nd date will be set if more than 50 registered.

  • CHF 41.- Livre Ecopol version papier 9 takenä

    Livre Ecopol version papier

    Ce livre, c’est 12 ans de travail de collecte et étude des meilleurs initiatives d'écologie communautaire dans le monde. Déjà 1700 exemplaires distribués. 4e réédition !
    324 pages en français, avec images des écovillages, histoires, anecdotes.
    Préfaces de Luc Recordon, Anne-Catherine Ménétrey et Dominique Bourg.
    Inclus envoi par poste CH / UE.

  • CHF 61.- Two bottles of organic wine 4 takenä

    Two bottles of organic wine

    Two bottles of Fine selection of the organic Lavauxvinsbio.ch. White wine 70cl. You can then visit the cellar of one of them. To take away from our ecovillage near Lausanne, or we send by post in CH + 25chf

  • CHF 81.- VIP TICKET TEDxGeneva 2021 1 / 21 takenä

    VIP TICKET TEDxGeneva 2021

    La Smala has been a TEDxGeneva partner since 2013. We offer you a ticket for the 12 to 15 mini-conferences (4 to 18 minutes) of ideas that change the world, TEDxGeneva edition of Sunday March 28, 2021 from 2 to 8:30 p.m. Half in French , half English. With VIP seat reserved in your name in the first 6 rows, and final meal offered with the speakers.

  • CHF 121.- Mini-gastro biodyn meal 2 / 80 takenä

    Mini-gastro biodyn meal

    La Smala cooks you chic, rare and light: 5 tasty dishes made from products from our permaculture garden (includes incredible edibles) and from our biodynamic partners (Piccard wines in Lavaux, Ferme Wuthrich, market gardeners Sylvain & Co). With a visit to the ecovillage with a drink in hand, a table of 8 to 16 people, also discovery of incredible people ... and a concert for dessert. Advice: come in pairs.
    10 Saturdays of your choice (one per month), from September 2020.

  • CHF 151.- WIKIPEDIA & JARDINAGE 1 / 12 takenä


    Manger dans notre écovillage avec Florence Devouard, vice-présidente de la fondation Ynternet.org, co-créatrice du Living lab Ecopol, le 28 septembre 18h-22h. Florence a présidé aux destinées de WIKIPEDIA, entre 2004 et 2008. Elle vous partagera son histoire. Un moment rare et intimiste, avec une femme courageuse, visionnaire, simple, qui a fait beaucoup pour l’humanité, sans s’enrichir personnellement.

  • CHF 201.- 8x Lavaux Bio Wine 6 / 100 takenä

    8x Lavaux Bio Wine

    A rare offer including two biodynamic productions, 8 rare vintages, white wine from pioneering Winegrowers to support. To be collected from us or sent by post + 25chf.

  • CHF 301.- A big pumpkin for you! 2 / 3 takenä

    A big pumpkin for you!

    We will deliver you one of our 3 biggest pumpking from our garden, anywhere 1000kil from Lausanne, before Christmas 2020 (or you come to take it and have 2 wine bottle in addition).

  • CHF 501.- A pro musician at your home 0 / 10 takenä

    A pro musician at your home

    They are called Oscar ORO, Alberto Alvim, François Bezençon or even Alexandre Cellier. They are professional musicians who are friends of La Smala, some inhabitants of our ecovillages, all of them have a career of more than 20 years. Common point ? They know how to touch your heart. You decide when and where they will come to your home, within a radius of 100 kilometers. La Smala will decide which one will come. You pay them the train in 2nd class, they arrive at the place of your choice and play according to your atmosphere, simply at your service.

  • CHF 1’001.- HAPPINESS A LA CARTE 7 / 10 takenä


    Our goal: to make you happy and to change your mind. We call each other, we find a tailor-made service for you, with us, with your friends and / or your family. For example: gastro meal for 8-10 people, accommodation for a few days with half-board, small private party for 15-25 people with concert and free drinks, coaching meeting of a few hours with an expert member of our scientific council (60 experts) to help your project move forward (we have incubated more than 500 projects in 25 years), visit and tailor-made training for your SME one afternoon with aperitif on our terraces, 10 TEDxGeneva tickets for a team outing on Sunday March 28 2021 ... Better than the 1001 nights. YES!

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