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  • EUR 10.-0 taken


    A handwritten, digitally transmitted thank you note, complete with a notated musical quotation (fragment of a melody or harmony) from the EP song you like the most, and a link to download the Constellate EP.

  • EUR 15.-12 taken


    A beautiful art postcard featuring an image from the EP visuals by Hali Rey, and a link to download the Constellate EP.

  • EUR 25.-4 taken

    Bending Timeä

    Digital sheet music of one of the songs from the album, «Bending Time,» arranged and notated for voice* and piano. You'll also get a link to download the EP.

    *If you are an instrumental soloist, there may be the possibility to translate the vocal line to your instrument. Feasibility varies depending on the instrument's qualities and my experience with arranging for it, so please ask me ahead of time if your instrument is possible before you choose this reward!

    (Please note: the arrangement will still be owned/copyrighted by me, as is standard, and I will post it publicly with the backers thanked by name or anonymously, as you like.)

  • EUR 60.-5 / 10 taken


    I will create a constellation just for you, a tiny tale that describes your own corner of the universe. We can discuss before hand what kind of little worldlet you’d like me to place for you in the stars <3 (Story will still be owned/copyrighted by me, and I will post it publicly, either dedicated to you or with you anonymous, your choice.) Like all contributors, you’ll also get a link to download the EP.

  • EUR 100.-1 / 5 taken

    Custom Arrangementä

    I will arrange the Constellate song of your choice for the instrumentation of your choice (up to four staves: for example, SATB choir, ukulele ensemble, piano trio, piano four hands, or just a very elaborate solo score!) I will also tailor the arrangement to your desired difficulty/virtuosity level and your desired key - dependent somewhat on the constraints of the instrument you choose. This one will warrant some discussion between us, but promises to be a fun undertaking! You will receive the score as a PDF.
    (Please note: the arrangement will still be owned/copyrighted by me, as is standard.)

  • EUR 300.-0 / 3 taken

    Private Livestreamä

    I will perform a set just for you (and your friends!) and we can hang out in a fun and friendly livestream concert.

    For this one, we will set up a call a few weeks in advance before the show and we can settle on some specifics. You can help choose the songs from among my performable past (and current) compositions, and together we will come up with an amazing theme for a wonderful, one-of-a-kind musical experience.