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  • CHF 15.-5 / 25 taken

    WhatsApp videoä

    After the event we will send you a video expressing our gratitude and showing you how we prepared for the performance!

  • CHF 30.-3 / 25 taken

    Signed Programä

    You will receive a signed program of the event. Dancers will add their signatures on it!

  • CHF 50.-2 / 8 taken

    Signed dancers shoesä

    We are happy to provide our dance lovers fans with signed shoes!

  • CHF 85.-1 / 10 taken

    Ticket and wine couponä

    We are delighted to send you by post a ticket for the event with an additional wine coupon to consume during the performance break!

  • CHF 100.-0 / 3 taken

    Free dance class ä

    We are looking forward you experience the world of dance! A free dance class at Braswell Arts Center is waiting for you!