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  • CHF 25.-8 taken

    Schukran habibiä

    We are grateful for your contribution.

  • CHF 50.-13 taken

    Organic Lebanese Za'atar ä

    Spice up your life with delicious za’atar, a classic of the Lebanese cuisine. It’s made of thyme, citrusy sumach, roasted sesame seeds and salt.

  • CHF 75.-0 taken

    An online yoga class & soapsä

    You will receive an online yoga class and two organic olive oil soaps hand made in Lebanon.

  • CHF 100.-8 taken

    Olive-oil soap & Za'atar ä

    All soaps are hand-made of olive oil and will leave your skin fresh and smooth. You can choose the following scents: jasmine, amber, orange blossom, lavender, laurel or pure olive.

    Check out the lovely arte documentation about the Lebanese soap history:

  • CHF 150.-0 taken

    yoga class & soapsä

    You will get 2 private online yoga classes via zoom or live if possible and 3 organic olive oil soaps hand made from Lebanon

  • CHF 250.-1 taken

    Lebanese recipe, yoga, dabkeä

    You will receive a hand written lebanese recipe by one of the Lab’s participants together with a nice package of za’atar. In addition you will also receive an online yoga and dabke class. Dabke is a Lebanese traditional dance and Bassam is a Pro in it.

  • CHF 500.-0 taken

    Body session, soap, za'atarä

    You will receive 3 live or via zoom personalized 1 hour movement classes led by Simea, 2 scented organic olive oil soap of your wish and a package of fresh organic za'atar

  • CHF 1’000.-0 taken

    Mashallah & come to Lebanonä

    You will receive a personalized travel guide to Lebanon with an emphasize on culture, artisan and art as well as 2 free nights at my friend’s organic farm, 2 movement sessions led by Simea, an introduction lesson to traditional Lebanese Dabke dance by Bassam and soaps and za’atar to inspire you to soon discover Lebanon by yourself.