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  • CHF 5.-11 taken

    The matä

    The best way to stop staining your furniture, table cloth or to make end of evening games is our FMR beer mat, squared but noteworthy

  • CHF 10.-4 taken

    Basic packä

    A beer of your choice and an FMR beer mat. Simple but terribly efficient. Come get it at the brewery at your convenience!

  • CHF 15.-3 taken

    Say no to s... beer posterä

    Fancy a cool poster to decorate, your room, living room, your bridal chamber or any place in your palace ? So choose our engaged (border line enraged) but fair poster. See picture on main page

  • CHF 20.-1 taken

    The collector packä

    You want to impress people on your next dinner; this pack is better than mind controlling or a mice masterpiece (got the reference?). So get your collector pack with 10 vintage and new labels of the brewery. The craziest, they stick and they're waterproof.

  • CHF 30.-3 taken

    The Priviledge packä

    Wow, DO NOT miss this opportunity! Access the pre-sale of our next special release: a beer aged in a whisky cask of a famous scotch distillery in Orkney islands. This pack garantees you the purchase of 2 bottles of this precious liquid (and maybe more on a lucky strike!)

  • CHF 50.-5 taken

    Federation packä

    Wanna join the FMR Federation and be a member of the hall of fame?
    So put your name, nick/code name on our truck and be seen all over Swiss Romande as a lover of good quality beer! On top of that we offer you 30% on your next purchase!

  • CHF 60.-6 taken

    The 6-pack (but no abs)ä

    The quickest way to discover our beers. The mailman brings 6 different beers to your door; and because we're nice, we add 2 beer mats! (Swiss domicile only or pick-up at the brewery)

  • CHF 75.-0 / 5 taken

    The MoonAlps passä

    2 entries on Friday or Saturday for the best rock festival of Bursins, and actually the entire worlds (yes, let's not be afraid of words).The safest way to guarantee that you can take part to this extraordinary party; on top of that, you get 4 beers at the festival!
    We were gonna offer Paleo tickets, but frankly this is much better !

  • CHF 80.-0 / 50 taken

    The visitä

    Wanna discover the brewery, the team and our well hided secrets buried at the bottom of a tank? So come meet us a Saturday afternoon. We'll be thrilled to make you discover our range! Additionally, you get an exceptional 20% discount on that day.
    Good for 1 person.

  • CHF 100.-0 / 18 taken

    Pétanque Eveningä

    Wanna play with metal balls and make sparks? So sign up for this pétanque tournament! FMR beers and small dishes provided, of course. (4 hours, location between Rolle and Geneva, to be defined)

  • CHF 100.-4 taken

    The bohemian packä

    You like hipster, however badass picnics? So this pack is made for you: 1 bucket with a bottle opener to keep your beers cold, 6 beers of your choice, 2 glasses (recyclable), 2 beer mats (also recyclable)

  • CHF 150.-6 / 30 taken

    The gastronomic packä

    Because FMR is also a refined (but not only) spirit, we invite you for an increcible beer-food pairing session for you and your +1 at the brewery! This event will thrill your taste buds and lift you to taste summits never reached before (8 accords, 2 hours)!

  • CHF 250.-1 taken

    The fan packä

    The absolute fan pack: 1 bucket with bottle opener, 12 beers of your choice, 1 glass (in glass!), 4 recyclable cups, 4 beer mats, 6 lables, 1 «Say no to Shit beer» poster, 1 t-shirt.

  • CHF 300.-3 taken

    The max relax subscriptionä

    Because you love your couch and/or your mailman, FMR comes to you, without the slightest effort. 1 six-pack of our beers each month delivered directly at home for 6 months (Swiss domicile only)

  • CHF 500.-0 / 5 taken

    The Easy Rider packä

    Because «tu n’as peur de personne... en Harley Davidson» (BB credit) ride your ride, holding on tight to your rider, let your hair flow in the wind (if you still have some); it’s time for the great thrill. An exclusive and vibrant tour on a Harley through the vineyards of la Côte. At the end a lakeview picnic and degustation awaits you (length 4 hours)!

  • CHF 1’000.-1 / 5 taken

    The VIP packä

    Because you deserve it! All you can drink beers and all you can eat cheese, deli for 10 people (length 4 hours). FMR even brings the bread and some non-alcoholic beverages.

  • CHF 1’500.-0 / 5 taken

    Beer up your partyä

    An exceptional event to organise?
    FMR storms through your place with all our gears: 100 liters of beer (in 5 kegs), draft machine, glasses. And because we're polite we install and remove everything in a joyful mood.

  • CHF 1’800.-0 / 3 taken

    Your own vintageä

    You always dreamed of having your own vintage? You're looking for the perfect gifts for your friends, family or clients? So FMR is here fore you! You get 300 bottles with personalised labels ! Nuts ! (and nutsier, you will be able to order 300 more bottles with that label later)

  • CHF 2’000.-0 / 5 taken

    The big VIP packä

    Because you deserve it! All you can drink beers and all you can eat cheese, deli for 20 people (length 4 hours). FMR even brings the bread and some non-alcoholic beverages.

  • CHF 10’000.-0 / 1 taken

    A tank and a lot moreä

    Who has never dreamed of a beer tank with your own name? FMR can make this dream come true. We will baptise one of our tank with your name and will announce on our social media each batch produced in this tank «produced in [Brad Pitt's] tank»s la cuve Brad Pitt». On top: 3 vintages of 300 bottles each with your own customed labels, we organise an event with 5 kegs, draft machine and all the rest and all our goodies in addition: bucket, t-shirt, beer mat, glasses etc...