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  • CHF 20.-25 taken

    Thank You Card From Syriaä

    You will receive a special «THANK YOU» card from Damascus handwritten by an Arabic calligraphy artist.

  • CHF 50.-72 taken

    Cotton Tote Bagä

    Empower Syrian women affected by the conflict by shopping with a beautiful tote bag crafted by their talented hands. These bags are embellished with patterns printed using the ancient technique of block printing.

  • CHF 150.-23 taken

    Tiles Are Foreverä

    Have your name or the name of someone you love immortalized in Arabic calligraphy on a timeless Damascene ceramic tile.

  • CHF 300.-10 taken

    Cushion Coverä

    A statement piece for your living room. A hand-embroidered cushion that adds colour and makes any sofa stand out. The beautiful motifs are inspired by the geometric patterns decorating historical Syrian monuments and are delicately hand embroidered by Syrian women affected by the conflict.

  • CHF 450.-4 taken

    Damascene Silk Brocadeä

    Brought from the historical Straight Street (Via Recta) in Damascus, we offer you a piece of Damascene silk brocade - renowned for its refined and exquisite silk thread and woven technique.

  • CHF 600.-0 / 5 taken

    Be My Guestä

    To show my appreciation for your support, it would be my pleasure to host you and a friend for an evening at my place to spoil you with mouthwatering Syrian home cooking.

  • CHF 800.-7 / 8 taken

    We Can Learn From Each Otherä

    Fancy a serving board made of local reclaimed wood and embedded with a tile from Syria? Or is your armchair missing a one of a kind side table?
    Spend half a day with me at my Atelier in Zurich and we will create together a stylish DIY item for you. Let's get to work!

  • CHF 2’000.-0 / 4 taken

    Coffee Table Like No Otherä

    I will offer you a coffee table handcrafted from reclaimed wood. I carefully hand pick each and every piece of salvaged wood I work with from an elderly woodworker in the small village of Sarnen in Canton Obwalden. I then blend these centuries-old pieces of wood with vintage ceramic tiles and mosaics brought from Syria. The outcome is a coffee table like no other. (only in Switzerland)

  • CHF 5’000.-0 / 2 taken

    A Design Item In Your Nameä

    To express my gratitude for your support, I will name one piece of the first collection after you or a name you choose.