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Give away a project backing as a giftä

You will receive a personal certificate for the recipient of your gift

  • CHF 5.-14 taken

    Basic Income Cardä

    Receive a beautiful Peace-basic-income card and a prepaid signature sheet. You will directly help us to collect the necessary signatures and receive a reminder to hang up!

  • CHF 10.-5 / 5 taken

    Tomatensugo von Nicoleä

    Kernteam-Mitglied Nicole schenkt dir ein Glas selbst eingekochtes Tomatensugo aus geretteten Tomaten. Garantiert mit gutem Gewissen geniessen. Deliziös!

  • CHF 10.-14 taken

    Solidarity donationä

    We give one Café Surprise per solidarity donation. And this in a restaurant in your region. A Café Surprise enables people affected by poverty to consume a free coffee and thus participate in public life.

  • CHF 15.-7 / 15 taken

    Unconditional tomato loveä

    Core team member Raffael (he is also called tomato Raffi) sends you seeds of his three favorite tomato varieties. Guaranteed extremely delicious varieties, at least he thinks so! ;-)

  • CHF 22.-8 / 24 taken

    Courage for Transformationä

    Robin, a member of the core team, sends you an 80-page A4 booklet «Courage for Transformation», which he co-edited in 2015 with regard to the vote on the first initiative for an unconditional basic income. Among other things with contributions of Ina Praetorius and Oswald Sigg, who were already at that time in the initiative committee.

  • CHF 30.-4 / 10 taken

    Voucher for Gleisä

    You will receive a 20.- Fr.- voucher for the Kulturbar Gleis in Zurich.
    The Gleis offers fine coffee with readings, cold beer with performances, tasty snacks with workshops or exhibitions.

  • CHF 35.-7 / 10 taken

    Book surprise from Inaä

    Receive a hand-picked book recommended by Ina Praetorius, theologian, author and co-initiator, with a personal dedication.

  • CHF 40.-4 taken

    «ZU ENDE LEBEN» film accessä

    Access to the doc film «ZU ENDE LEBEN» (91 min.) by co-initiator and filmmaker Rebecca. A film about why death is the best guide to living a full life.
    Won the audience award at ZFF in 2014. So it's definitely funny too

  • CHF 45.-5 / 10 taken

    30.- Voucher of WÜRZMEISTERä

    30.- Voucher from the WÜRZMEISTER.
    You will receive a voucher worth 50 Fr.- from the spice master. The homemade spice mixtures of the spice master consist of pure natural products and are free of any additives. In careful manual work these are produced in Kloten. Since April 2014, WÜRZMEISTER has been certified organic and is constantly expanding the range with spices
    made from organic ingredients. All products are gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan.

  • CHF 50.-10 / 20 taken

    CBD oil from Herba di Bernaä

    You will receive a high quality organic hemp oil with 5% CBD content worth 29.- as a gift. The oils are sponsored by the family startup Herba di Berna.

  • CHF 60.-2 / 10 taken

    Voucher for one mealä

    You get a voucher in the cultural restaurant Luna Ilena in Bern in the value of one meal. Exact value is not defined.

  • CHF 70.-3 / 10 taken

    Voucher for Pastarazziä

    You will receive a 50.- Fr.- voucher from Pastarazzi. Pastarazzi offers the finest pasta in Sarnen, Stans and Lucerne. Good food from local, organic production for everyone.

  • CHF 70.-0 / 10 taken

    50.- Voucher at the Effingerä

    You will receive a voucher for the Bernese coffee bar Effinger worth 50.-, the place for young entrepreneurs, craftswomen, world changers, Bernese, Zugereiste, Frahling lovers, beer drinkers
    and for you.

  • CHF 75.-2 / 10 taken

    50.- Voucher at the Chouetteä

    You get a 50 Fr.- voucher at the Bernese crêperie la Chouette. There you will find crêpes from «classique» to «extra» and now also homemade Momos, which stand out from conventional pastries with their unusual fillings. The vegan and gluten-free offer is versatile and varied.

  • CHF 80.-0 / 10 taken

    Dinner at Cafe Cairoä

    You will receive a dinner with drinks for one person at Café Kairo in Bern. The Kairo cooks seasonally with local products and for the most
    part organically. The exact value of the voucher is not defined.

  • CHF 80.-0 / 20 taken

    Bitcoin image by Jane Harrisä

    You will receive a Bitcoin image by artist and core team member Jane Harris as a thank you.

  • CHF 90.-1 taken


    For every donation, we donate one third to TING, the basic income community, which builds up a common asset that is available to all members as a temporary income for projects, further development, education etc.

  • CHF 99.-10 taken

    Symbolic supportä

    You just want to help that the collection succeeds? 99 francs correspond to at least 33 signatures. Thank you very much for your
    important support!

  • CHF 145.-3 / 10 taken

    Voucher from Adrianosä

    You will receive a 100 Fr.- voucher from the Bernese coffee roaster Adrianos. You can use it in the online store, the coffee distillery, in the coffee shop or at the bar and café.

  • CHF 150.-4 taken

    Social securityä

    We donate one third of your amount to an organization that works with Sans-Papiers. So your donation works twice: for the basic income signature collection and for people in need.

  • CHF 400.-0 / 20 taken

    Big Bank Insights with Elliä

    Elli von Planta, book author, co-initiator and ex-banker talks about her time at a major Swiss bank and her role in the 2008 financial crisis. Insider stories and aperitif included. Takes place in Basel.

  • CHF 420.-0 / 10 taken

    Subscription at Effingerä

    You get a 10-subscription of the CoWorkingspace Effinger in Bern worth 320.-. Incl. access to coffee and membership. The Effinger is the CoWorking Space for young entrepreneurs, craftswomen,
    world changers, Bernese, travellers, Frahling lovers, beer drinkers - and also for you?

  • CHF 999.-2 taken

    Gigantic support!ä

    You just want to help the collection succeed? 999 francs correspond to at least 333 signatures. Thank you very much for your gigantic support! Please let us know if you would like to receive one
    of our rewards.

  • CHF 9’999.-0 taken

    Insane support!ä

    Ok, you are either insane or insanely convinced of the unconditional basic income! 9999.- Swiss Francs correspond to at least 333 signatures. With this you can help the collection big time! Thank
    you very much for your amazing support! Please let us know if you would like to receive one of our rewards.