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  • EUR 10.-5 taken

    Sticker + Prelisteningä

    Whether on a tuba case or a mailbox: With this special sticker set you are settled for any in- or outdoor place. You will also get a special download link 14 days before its official release day.

  • EUR 24.-81 taken

    CD «Elements»ä

    approx. 60 minutes heart, blood and bundled brothers energy! You will receive our brand new CD as one of the first!

  • EUR 32.-20 taken

    Signed CD + postcardsä

    You want to have a signed CD and a limited postcard set of the «Elements»? Yeah - here it comes!

  • EUR 44.-4 taken

    HB-Tote bag + CDä

    With this limited tote bag we are your constant companion. Inside is a signed CD.

  • EUR 60.-23 taken

    CD surprise bundleä

    Choose it and take pot luck! But you will love it ;-)

  • EUR 250.-4 / 4 taken

    Cafe Talk + CDä

    You want to meet all 4 brothers live and in colour with coffee and cake and squeeze them out about music, instruments and the production details of the CD? - we are in! Let's meet in Sindelfingen and you will get your personally signed CD too!

  • EUR 1.200.-1 / 5 taken

    Living room concertä

    We will visit you and play a cozy living room concert. Of course you will get 5 copies of the new CD. (Travel costs are not included)

  • EUR 2.500.-1 / 5 taken

    Exclusive concertä

    Are you planning a concert, (business-) special event or birthday surprise in form of a concert? Get the Hanke Brothers for an exclusive concert! Further more you get 10 copies of the new CD - signed of course! (Offer only for private persons, travel costs are not included)