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  • CHF 20.-4 taken

    Pretty pictures on your feedä

    Even the smallest contribution to the project will help a lot! For any support, you will have the possibility to follow the Instagram account that will be dedicated to my research project, where I will share my adventures and the progress of my thesis.

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    A newsletter for you!ä

    If you are interested, you will receive some exclusive news about my research trough a regular newsletter, with updates about the fieldwork and the results !

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    Personal answers!ä

    If you have any question or a specific interest about my research, you can reach me, and I will answer to you personally to satisfy your curiosity!

  • CHF 150.-8 taken

    Adopt a moose!ä

    Once I will have met a few moose, you will be able to name and adopt (symbolically!) one of them, and I will send you a pretty picture with an adoption certificate via email, so that you can hang them in your living room!

  • CHF 300.-1 taken

    Your name in my thesis!ä

    To thank you personally for your support, I will cite your name in the acknowledgments of my master thesis, among the main funders of the project!