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Give away a project backing as a giftä

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  • CHF 15.-2 taken

    1 Olive Tree Postcardä

    If you support the IOF project with 15 francs, IOF will send you a unique olive tree postcard as a thank-you.

  • CHF 25.-2 taken

    2 Olive Tree Postcardsä

    If you support the IOF project with 25 francs, IOF will send you two beautiful olive tree postcards with different motifs by post as a thank-you gift.

  • CHF 50.-5 taken

    5 Olive Tree Postcardsä

    If you support us and our project with 50 francs, we want to send you 5 different, beautiful olive tree postcards free of charge.

  • CHF 100.-0 taken

    Olive Tree Calendarä

    Our project is worth 100 francs to you? Thank you very much. In return we send you a unique olive tree calendar «2020» with twelve different beautiful motifs.

  • CHF 100.-2 taken

    IOF-Thank-you-Olive Oilä

    You support the project with generous 150 francs? As a thank-you gift, IOF will send you half a litre of the best IOF olive oil from the 2019 harvest via Swiss Post's PostPac Priority, worth CHF 39 (incl. postage).

  • CHF 150.-1 taken

    Olive Oil & 5 Postcardsä

    You support us with 150 Swiss Francs? Thank you. In return we send you 5 beautiful olive tree postcards and bottle of a nice IOF thank you-olive oil.

  • CHF 200.-0 taken

    2 Bottles of Best Olive Oilä

    200 francs for our project? In this case, as a thank-you from IOF via PostPac Priority of Swiss Post, you will receive twice half a litre of the best IOF Thank You olive oil from the 2019 harvest worth 69 francs (incl. postage).

  • CHF 250.-1 taken

    SuperOlio - Olive Oil Bookä

    If you support our IOF project with a fabulous 250 francs, we will send you the new and beautiful olive oil book (cover) «SuperOlio» from our colleague, the German olive oil expert Michaela Bogner, as a thank you. Value equivalent: CHF 54.90

  • CHF 3’000.-0 / 20 taken

    Visit to the olive groveä

    You are a true fan of our project and say 3000 francs for our unique project. Then we will take you three days to a leading olive farm in Southern Europe. We will pay for the flight, accommodation and meals.

  • CHF 15’000.-0 / 20 taken

    Olive Oil - Customer Giftä

    If your company supports our IOF project with 15,000 Swiss francs, we want to offer you an additional service in return, in addition to the realization of the project.

    We offer 864 bottles of the best top olive oil in half-litre format with the label of your choice (e.g. company logo) free of charge (CH address).