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Back the project «Joy for the Planet»

Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

Back with reward

  • CHF 10.- Your name on Bigoodee 12 takenä

    Your name on Bigoodee

    Your name will be inscribed on the back wall of my camper and will be a reminder to me of trust and friendship. You will be part of the trip from beginning to end.

  • CHF 25.- A postcard 12 / 100 takenä

    A postcard

    During my trip searching for enthusiasm around the world, I’ll send you a postcard to feed your joy.

  • CHF 30.- A small solar lamp 23 / 150 takenä

    A small solar lamp

    I shall offer in your name a small solar lamp to a deserving recipient. What would be more joyful than bringing someone a little of the light we all long for?

  • CHF 50.- A little drawing 18 / 50 takenä

    A little drawing

    All along my journey, I’ll be drawing some pictures; as a thank you I’ll send you one.

  • CHF 100.- A poem just for you 9 / 20 takenä

    A poem just for you

    Since my job is writing, I’ll compose a poem of a few lines to tell you simply «I love you.»

  • CHF 150.- A book signed by me 6 / 70 takenä

    A book signed by me

    If I successfully complete my adventure, I’ll write a coffee table bok about it and send you a signed copy with all the love you deserve.

  • CHF 180.- A piece of music 0 / 50 takenä

    A piece of music

    Here is a small challenge for me: finding a generous musician who will play a magical piece of music especially for you

  • CHF 200.- 200.- A meal aboard Bigoodee 3 / 20 takenä

    200.- A meal aboard Bigoodee

    If you enjoy camping car adventures, I’ll welcome you aboard like a star and if our schedules match, invite you to a hearty meal.

  • CHF 270.- A day on board 6 / 10 takenä

    A day on board

    Spend a day onboard my camper Begoodee. Together we will go and meet whose who are or would like to become full of joy.

  • CHF 500.- A personalized lamp 3 takenä

    A personalized lamp

    At this level of contribution you deserve a special effort. You will receive a small solar lamp made of recycled materials, personalized and decorated.

  • CHF 1’000.- A day of positive coaching 1 / 5 takenä

    A day of positive coaching

    Along the way I am ready to make a detour to help you. Would you like to participate in a workshop on happiness? In one day I’ll make your mood soar!

  • CHF 2’000.- Creative work 0 / 5 takenä

    Creative work

    Together with Ledsafari, my Swiss partner, we will encourage future jobs by teaching selected young people how to make solar lamps themselves. Your fabulous contribution will make possible the creation of such workshops.

  • CHF 3’000.- Training to create light 0 / 5 takenä

    Training to create light

    You will be able to choose a community, school, or group of people who will be trained by me in partnership with Ledsafari’s educational unit how to make solar lamps. An experience that will be for them a lifelong memory!

  • CHF 5’000.- A video 0 / 2 takenä

    A video

    At this level of contribution, it is hard to hink of an appropriate gift. How would you like a 15 min. film featuring your family, company, or any other topic to view privately or share with the public?

Back without reward

Back the project with any amount of your own choosing and become a part of the success story.

Give away a project backing as a giftä

You will receive a personal certificate for the recipient of your gift