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Back the project «Le Cinema Déambulant»

Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

Back with reward

  • CHF 10.- African Poetry 17 takenä

    You will one day get one of the most exotic postcard you've ever received!

  • CHF 25.- African Foldings 6 takenä

    I started to do some origami since I’m on the road! I don’t master all the animals yet, but I'll do my best to create the animal of your choice

  • CHF 50.- African Weaving 19 takenä

    Have you ever dreamed of a beautiful african wristband but which isn't from your last holidays in Portugal?! Well, this is your chance!

  • CHF 100.- Wild Safari 11 takenä

    You will get a combo of the three previous contributions.

  • CHF 500.- You pedal! 1 / 3 takenä

    One day I’ll be back in Europe or we will meet somewhere else. And that day, you’ll get a private screening for you and your friends and you even have the chance to pedal yourself to make it run :)

Back without reward

Back the project with any amount of your own choosing and become a part of the success story.

Give away a project backing as a giftä

You will receive a personal certificate for the recipient of your gift