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  • CHF 10.-2 taken

    1 good dose of karma!ä

    Thanks for the help and the attention! :D

  • CHF 30.-14 taken

    1 Digital albumä

    You will receive a download link in order to discover the fruit of our work before anyone else.

  • CHF 50.-34 taken

    1 autographed CDä

    You will receive a preview of our CD with a personalised dedication.

  • CHF 100.-6 taken

    Attend one of our rehearsalsä

    You will receive at home our future signed CD and you will be invited to attend one of our rehearsals.

  • CHF 150.-1 taken

    A thank-you videoä

    You will receive a personalized thank-you video and our future signed CD.

  • CHF 200.-2 taken

    Meet and greetä

    You will receive 2 tickets and a VIP access to our backstage during one of our next concerts in order to meet the artists in their natural environment (+ of course our signed CD)

  • CHF 300.-0 taken

    Attend the CD launchä

    You will receive two invitations to the inaugural concert for the release of our album and a special thank you speech.

  • CHF 500.-2 taken

    Wall of fameä

    We will mention you on our website and in our album, in the partner section. Your name and image will appear to thank you for your support.

  • CHF 1’000.-2 taken

    Private concertä

    A private musical performance of 30 to 45 minutes at your home by three members of the argonautes.