Choose your reward

Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

Back without rewardä

Back the project with any amount of your own choosing and become a part of the success story.

Give away a project backing as a giftä

You will receive a personal certificate for the recipient of your gift

  • CHF 30.-5 taken


    You can book a private VR tour at the Impact HUB Basel

  • CHF 40.-2 taken

    IWB plant coal Kompotoiä

    So that the nutrients of the Kompotoi can also be stored well, we mix the organic waste with biochar. With your donation we can run the Kompotoi. As a thank you, you receive 1kg of biochar at home, provided by IWB.

  • CHF 50.-5 taken

    Dishes zero-waste-coffeeä

    You donate a coffee cup / bowl for the Zerowaste-Cafe, handmade in Basel

  • CHF 80.-9 taken

    Production Tourä

    Visit the production of LIVO at Küng Holzbau AG in Alpnach (LU)

  • CHF 90.-3 taken

    Plant Workshopä

    Participation in a workshop for urban gardening. You can choose the time of the workshop from given dates.

  • CHF 100.-3 taken

    A piece of woodä

    You enable a piece of wall (0.1m2) from the LIVO, as a thank you you will receive an original wall piece from the production

  • CHF 150.-5 taken


    Dinner together at LIVO (1 person)

  • CHF 200.-20 / 20 taken

    Overnight stayä

    1 night (2 people) in the model house including breakfast

  • CHF 250.-2 / 20 taken

    Perpetuation in woodä

    Your name will be engraved and immortalized on the wall as a supporter

  • CHF 500.-5 / 15 taken

    Solar moduleä

    You enable a solar module. You are welcomed at the celebration when it is installed by the Basel Energy Transition Cooperative (EWG Basel).

  • CHF 950.-0 / 10 taken

    Personal tour of the LIVOä

    We come to your home, give a lecture and organize an interactive tour through the LIVO for your group (up to 15 people) (model tour including VR tour).

  • CHF 1’000.-0 / 10 taken

    Urban Gardeningä

    You enable the construction of a vertical house greening unit (raised bed including irrigation system).

  • CHF 1’500.-1 / 4 taken

    Event venueä

    Rent the whole house for your sustainable event.

  • CHF 1’500.-3 / 10 taken

    Pizza à discrétionä

    In addition to the LIVO, the pizza oven will be fired up for you and you and your group (max 15 people) can enjoy all-you-can-eat pizzas.

  • CHF 2’500.-1 / 1 taken

    Compost toiletä

    You supply the LIVO with a composting toilet from Kompotoi

  • CHF 4’000.-1 / 1 taken

    Herbal sewage treatment planä

    You donate a 2-stage herbal sewage treatment system with which the gray water is filtered, you will be engraved on the wooden wall as a gold sponsor.

  • CHF 5’000.-0 / 1 taken

    Drinking water treatmentä

    You make it possible to produce drinking water again from clarified gray water. Happily your name will be engraved on the wooden wall as a gold sponsor.

  • CHF 8’000.-0 / 1 taken

    Salt water batteryä

    With your donation, you enable one of the most ecological batteries (Greenrock 7.5kW) to be self-sufficient in electricity for the LIVO. As a platinum sponsor, we'll happily engrave your name on the wooden wall.