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  • CHF 18.-0 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    Taste it: lesson of choice for children in Russian (Grammar, Math, Music, Drawing, Dance), 40 min

  • CHF 20.-2 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    Ticket to the children performance «Little Rouge Riding Hood» on 25.06.2016 (including Russian buffet)

  • CHF 50.-2 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    Taste it: Russian language lesson for adults in small groups (3-6), 90 min

  • CHF 55.-0 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    Fascinating 1/2 day with MIR for children

  • CHF 60.-4 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    Unforgettable Russian dinner with MIR team

  • CHF 90.-0 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    Taste it: private Russian language lesson for adults, 60 min

  • CHF 160.-1 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    Russian mini crash course for adults – 4x90 Min