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Back the project «MMXX MASKERADE»

Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

Back with reward

  • EUR 6.- Certified Book-Godfather 0 takenä

    Certified Book-Godfather

    Thank you for being part of the family!
    You will receive a personalized certificate as book godfathers/- mothers per email.

  • EUR 30.- planner or timeless calendar 3 takenä

    planner or timeless calendar

    About high-time to re-fill corona beaten calendars & diaries!

    You have the choice of a daily planner:
    128 pg / 28 images,
    spiral binding size 15 x 21 cm
    choice of starting month


    a timeless wall calendar (a calendar without days/year)- eternal reminder of memorable days and recurring events

    Both gifts feature art photographies from my «Schön, dass Du wieder da bist collection»

  • EUR 50.- Sind Dir auch 50 EUR Wurst? 4 takenä

    Sind Dir auch 50 EUR Wurst?

    Photographic fine art poster from the book.
    Artist signed and dated personal thank you note on the back.

  • EUR 80.- Art photography leporello 6 takenä

    Art photography leporello

    Saying Thank You, with a foldable book, containing 10 images
    (from the book MMXX MASKERADE). Unfolded via fanfold the leporello
    (closed: 11 x 16 cm) extends to 63 x 16 cm
    Leporello comes in a gift box

  • EUR 150.- Artist signed print 5 takenä

    Artist signed print

    A time document.
    Attesting extraordinary times, you will receive an artist signed print,
    printed on premium paper in archival ink.
    40 cm x 60 cm

  • EUR 260.- Print of your choice 1 takenä

    Print of your choice

    Chose the picture you like best from the book.
    Your artist signed choice will then be printed in archival ink on premium paper.
    50 cm x 70 cm

  • EUR 350.- 1 x book- signed 0 takenä

    1 x book- signed

    You will be among the first to receive a signed copy of the book
    MMXX MASKERADE- legacy of extraordinary times-
    fresh from the printers!!

    *book orders at production costs

  • EUR 500.- 2 books / gift edition 1 takenä

    2 books / gift edition

    One for your coffee table at home - another one for your office shelf... You will receive two signed, gift editions of a book that would not exist without your help.

    *book orders at production costs

  • EUR 1.000.- Your name: 500 fold 1 takenä

    Your name: 500 fold

    You too will receive two gift sets. And your name, or the name of your company will be published in all books.

    *book orders at production costs

  • EUR 2.500.- Book your exhibition 1 takenä

    Book your exhibition

    In addition to 5 books, you are gifted with a two-week photographic exhibition, at home or in the atrium of your company, of the artists works.

    *book orders at production costs

  • EUR 4.000.- TAKE (p)ART 0 takenä

    TAKE (p)ART

    Coming year, I will take part at the FotoWien Festival for the fourth time. This reward, is my ARITST'S INVITATION to you, to take (p)art and enjoy full medial exposure of the upcoming FOTO WIEN Festival - March 9.- 27., 2022. 

    FOTO WIEN is a nationally and internationally acclaimed FOTO festival, focusing on photography exhibitions, performances in museums, exhibition halls, galleries and offspaces. The focus is on both the diversity of the local photo scene and the international development of photography. In its second year, KunstHausWien will be conducting an extensive supporting and promotional program around the festival.

  • EUR 5.000.- Limited edition artwork 0 takenä

    Limited edition artwork

    you will be gifted a limited edition (5/2AP) photographic
    transfer-print on ceramic tile backing.
    Format: 25 x 25 cm
    This artwork is part of a series, exhibited at the parallel edition,
    May 25 - 30, 2021
    Semperdepot, 1060 Vienna.

    *book orders at production costs

Back without reward

Back the project with any amount of your own choosing and become a part of the success story.

Give away a project backing as a giftä

You will receive a personal certificate for the recipient of your gift